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How can I ensure that the stats are the result of human action and not automation?

Note: I'm talking about Amplitude because it's what I use, but it's probably the same with any stats tool. Amplitude, because of its very nature, is insufficiently secured. Stats are the value you get ...
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How can a third-party site know your identity on other sites (e.g. Off-Facebook Activity)? [closed]

I'm a software engineer by trade, yet I am shocked and fascinated by something I learned just recently. For example, I found out Facebook has businesses and sites share information about my activity ...
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What is the best way to keep track of versions of multiple micro services delivered as part of a software solution?

We have an enterprise solution which consists of multiple components which are in turn comprised of micro services. We cater to both onprem and hosted models. The challenge is to keep track of the GIT ...
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Inject an Operation ID across multiple application layers

I am playing with my simple personal project - a simple REST API application and I am currently struggling with a kind of design problem. The problem: How to insert an operation ID (request ID, an ...
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Cookie consent and facebook cookies?

As a bit of a background, we create a website where a "third party" can organize a sport event, letting us handle enrollment and other checks. Well on our website ever since we implemented a cookie "...
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Tracking non-logged-in users

A site I'm working on tracks users before they sign up or log in to determine things like which pages drive the most users to sign up for the service, etc. Currently we make use of a browser ...
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Can I use a 1D barcodes for an inventory tracking system?

I am to develop an inventory tracking system (e.g. keyboards, mice, phones, etc.) I am wondering if it is possible to use 1D barcodes UPC standard for this, will I be able to track each individual ...
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Affiliate Marketing - How to track all sales on 3rd party website made via my application

I'm looking forward to the possibility of an algorithm or a way to track how much sale has been made on 3rd party's website because of my client so I can get the commission. For example if a user "A" ...
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Move the onscreen circle when camera moves

I have a script that accesses my webcam and displays the captured video on the screen. I can also very easily draw a circle (a rectangle, it doesn't matter) over the video. When I move the camera ...
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Easiest way to add tracking of interactivity (mouse clicks, scrolls, multi-touch gestures) to a React Web App already developed?

Context: we have a responsive web application developed in React.js, which we have successfully used a few times to run user studies on Amazon Mechanical Turk. Now, we would like to add interactivity ...
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How can I track who invited who to install?

After a user invites their contacts from within my app, I want to send the first user a notification "so and so installed the app, you can now connect with them." So when a user invites someone, I ...
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7 votes
5 answers

How does Agile avoid having a project stall when close to completion (the 90 percent syndrome)?

I read a lot the past few weeks about something that calls the 90% syndrome. Basically, the syndrome describes a project that reaches about 90% completion on schedule, then stalls, finally finishing ...
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Best practices for encoding information in URL

I have implemented a tracking pixel that is simply an img tag that another party puts on their website. This works by making the src refer to our endpoint with query params set with extra information. ...
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What are the prerequisites to start with OpenCV in C++?

I'm an intermediate C++ programmer. Do I need any math knowledge in order to build computer applications using openCV?
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Best way to verify that a user has completed a task on another website.

We are developing a website for students on which they first have to fulfill specific tasks in order to use our service. The problem is, that those tasks are on another website, which has nothing to ...
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3 answers

Should we reuse web app logs for user behaviour analytics?

Our web app generates a large amount of logs. These logs include both events regarding background operations in the app (data arrives from the server, ajax failures, inter-component communication, etc....
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Algorithm to maintain a blog sign up page

I have a functional sign up page for a blog that updates a database with a users name, email, profile picture and a short bio. The General information page and the profile picture upload/bio page are ...
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2 answers

Getting to know my way around a database with hundreds of tables [duplicate]

I'm new to a small company that's pretty much run by one guy. He knows all the ins and outs of the system which is quite large. We have a database with about 300 different tables. I'm struggling to ...
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Tracking contributions from contributors not using git

I have a central git repo located on a server. I have many contributors that are not tech savvy, do not have server access, and do not know anything about git. But they are able to contribute via the ...
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Is tracking Android OS.Buid/Manufacturer info a privacy issue?

On the Android operating system details about the phone are available via the Android.OS.Build class. These details include things such as the phone manufacturer, model, version, etc. The customer may ...
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13 votes
4 answers

Database History Table / Tracking Table

Currently I want to structure a tracking/history table like this: PrimaryKey - ID OtherTableId - fk fieldName - name of the field its tracking OldValue NewValue UserName CreateDateTime So basically ...
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2 answers

Designing an email system to guarantee delivery

Summary: We are looking to expand our use of email for notification purposes. We understand it will generate more inbox volume, but we are being selective about which events we fire notification on ...
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9 votes
3 answers

Is it unethical to track app usage through REST API calls?

I am building an app that communicates with my website with ASIHTTPRequest to a PHP-based REST API on the server side. Naturally, in my app I have different endpoints on the server side, and usually ...
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git / other VCS - how often to commit? [duplicate]

I've been a programmer now for over 11 years, and am just starting to get into version control for real. The places I've worked at have never really used version control (one committed at the end of ...
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Accurate/recommended approachs to tracking play length of a video

I'm working on a flash player that needs to track how long a user plays a video for. In addition, I need to know the user. I can easily do that with a request to the server. What I've thought of so ...
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Programmer logbook application?

I've just released my application to the public, and I'm working on an updated version, but I really think I should keep track of ALL the code changes. In case some functionality suddenly starts ...
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Error handling, creating time line, need help defining what aspects of the environment need tracking

For my final year project, I'm working on a script that will run your python program and provide a time line of events(so far working on assignments) and create a story of what happened(the changes in ...
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How can I track quality attributes on my team's Kanban?

My team uses a Kanban system for tracking day-to-day progress and it's worked out really well for understanding progress on features (captured as user stories). We have largely allowed our system ...
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