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Use the word "Apple" and "Safari" in my application

I am developing an application and i want to use two words somewhere in my application. First i want to use the word "Safari" in a menu option which labels "Open in Safari"(for a url). The second is ...
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Will the Apache License or the GPL License protect my trademarks?

I'm trying to see if these two open source licenses give protection of trademarks to the originator. I have read both licenses but they only seem to talk about their own trademark i.e. 'Apache'.
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is it possible for the author to trademark the name of an open-source application? [closed]

I would like to know if the name of an open-source application can be trademarked by the original author and what it means when it comes to distributing it through major linux distros, that is, will ...
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Legal ramifications of use of the JavaScript trademark?

It's widely known that the name "JavaScript" is trademarked by Oracle (formerly a trademark of Sun, formerly a trademark of Netscape). However, others seem to have no problem using the JavaScript ...
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What are the trademark guidelines for Java technologies?

The former page "Trademark and Logo Usage Requirements" at is no longer available, is there a new version which helps with the proper naming of products (beans, ...
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Trademark question: naming an app after a common noun when an app from another store uses it [closed]

Here's my scenario with made-up names: A big company called Supersoft have announced that in about 3 months they're going to release an Android app called "Supersoft Metronome" (where Metronome is a ...
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