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Should caller of service wrap the service with transaction or service provider should define transaction and commit within

Question is result of me consuming a service exposed by a colleague, the service is a simple update service, which takes an object/entity as input, does some processing and updates persistence. the ...
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How should state machines handle exceptions in actions?

State machines, for example UML state machines, statecharts or other finite state machines, allow actions to be executed when a state machine takes a transition between states or is within a state. ...
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How to store and validate data between state transitions?

I'm developing a largeish application that will have custom finite state machines. That is, the admin users of the application will be able to create their own state machines, limited by little pieces ...
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Pointers for transitioning from SOAP to REST based services

We currently have a SOAP based web service which is being used by various teams as the primary data source. We eventually want to transition to REST based services. We are reluctant to do this now as ...
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Graduated transition from Green - Yellow - Red

I am having algorithm mental block in designing a way to transition from Green to Red, as smoothly as possible with a, potentially, unknown length of time to transition. For testing purposes, I will ...
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The perfect crossfade

I find it hard to describe this problem in words, which is why I made a video (45 seconds) to illustrate it. Here's a preview of the questions, please have a look at it on Vimeo:
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How to present asynchronous state change in chart or diagram?

I started to study about state transition chart. As I see, it assumes all state transition is done instantly with no time consuming. But in most of my case, I'm heavily depending on asynchronous I/O, ...
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