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What pattern for translation is better, naming the key by screen/context or by text?

I'm in a dilema where I'm translation a full mobile app where the translations are going to be a key value pair but I'm not sure how to name the key. Should I name the keys describing what the text is,...
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How to avoid magic strings when doing Translations

I have worked in companies that to achieve translations based on the user's localization they use a file to store those translations. However, when they try to access a translation on that file they ...
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Meaning of Clean Code (Native Speakers)

In Germany we use the expression "Clean Code" (loanword) to describe source code that is well written. Lately I came to translate "Clean Code" literally to german and had an idea that in english there ...
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Making localization files easy to use for translators

I want to make my application available in many languages. I started using Resource Files, but there is a little problem with them. I want other people to have access to these files. Visual Studio ...
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Translating external data to the language you're programming in

I'm not sure what to do with the following: We take data from an external tool within our own tool. This data is written in Dutch. We are writing our Java code in English. Should we then translate ...
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Translation of a project from one language to another

If I wanted to turn a Java game into Lua, how could I do it? I'm thinking that you could have a program read the assembly language behind two programming languages, find the patterns, attach them to ...
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Compiling data from multiple API sources, multiple languages, into a single database (MySQL or Mongo)

I'm thinking about a database schema, and would really appreciate if some of you could look at where I'm up to and offer some advice.. The mission - We have to write a program that will fetch data ...
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Working with external translators in .NET

I am working on a .NET project (happens to be an MVC website) that is being deployed in 5 languages. We have several hundred text strings in various .resx files, which is working great. However, the ...
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Difference between synthesis and translation [closed]

Recently i have encountered two words describing transformation process of one language to another language - "translation" and "synthesis". I have some tips but i am not sure what is the difference. ...
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Why isn't gettext parameterized? [closed]

Currently: translators are exposed to programming language detail text is programming language specific (%s) translators cannot change ordering of strings (for example: family name comes first in ...
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What's the canonical way to store translations of user data?

I've developed some software that allows my users to attach a blurb to some non-language specific information: Pseudocode model: item(): ID creationdate byline //Only one byline for the object ...
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Translating views in MVC

What is the best practice, when it comes to views' translation in MVC design pattern, in multilingual website: Always have only one view file and translate its particular strings with a framework ...
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2 answers

Is ok to leave untranslated advanced log?

I just had a little fight with my boss over this topic (well, the boss always wins so I will do what he wants to be done) but I'd like to have the opinion of others about this: We are making a ...
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How to translate SQL query into REST API requests?

Let's say I have a machine-readable description (such as in WADL, Swagger or RAML) of a REST API that provides interface to a database. My users submit queries about underlying database in form of ...
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Entity Translation Should be in the Data Layer or Business Layer

From my understanding I though the data layer should isolate the Data Technology from the rest of the application, for me this also include the schema in this case the data entity. Recently I've been ...
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Translating variables into english [closed]

I have recently came across some code where the variable names are in french, I could not use google translate because only part of the code needs translated, and it would not be that practical to ...
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Converting lib from other language to python and Rights issue

If I take a program, and basically translate its source from some language to python, with some small changes, can I do a entirely my new lib or I have to make a "version" of the old one? would this ...
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What is the most performant CSS property for transitioning an element?

I'm wondering whether there is a performance difference between using different CSS properties to translate an element. Some properties fit different situations differently. You can translate an ...
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How to find people to help translate my open source project? [closed]

I'm a big StackOverflow fan, but I think this question belongs here, correct me if I'm wrong. So basically I'm trying to localize my plugin in as many languages as possible. I posted a section on the ...
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How do I translate user input into a fictitious language?

For experimental reasons, I am trying to convert user input into a fictitious language. All of the translation can be 1:1. I would prefer if I could accomplish this with PHP. Should I use gettext ...
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How to translate a German Desktop App into English one

I am working on a desktop application which is in German. And this isn't comfortable for me to see the words and go to Google translate to translate it. So I am looking to make extra effort for ...
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