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Which approach can be used to verify that information has not been manipulated after it has been recorded?

I am looking for an approach to verify that some information has not been modified after a certain point in time. Let's assume a data provider records a data set at time X and provides it to a data ...
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Ken thompson's compiler hack [duplicate]

I have gone through ken thompson's compiler hack paper, can't we just go through the complier's source code and check for any backdoor, what was the article's point?
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Deferred Open Source licensing

Are there established models for releasing an initially proprietary piece of software under FLOSS conditions after a defined period or a certain point of time? The main problem here is that all ...
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Service to prove authorship with trusted timestamp [closed]

This question is related with copyrights. The copyright is granted by default to the author of some code, however this requires to prove that some person is the "first" author of some piece of code. ...
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My customer wants me to record a video of how I develop his software product [closed]

Working as a freelancer, I often see strange requests from my customers, some of which can negatively affect my daily work¹, and others trying to set some sort of control. I usually encounter those ...
10 votes
6 answers

trust factor in code review

How much should a reviewer trust the coder who submits the code for review? I always have that dilemma of whether I should go test of the changes proposed or should I trust the submitter that he ...
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How do you keep your customers informed about the exact time you spent on their projects?

In my answer of the question about what are the important points to consider when starting your own company, I mentioned the fact that when the customers pay per hour of work, there must be a way for ...
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