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2 answers

Do we have 2 logical query processings, one with indexes and one without indexes?

In the book "Inside Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008: T-SQL Programming" the behaviour of a sql query is explained. The following picture is taken from the book. I have some questions about the ...
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2 answers

How to write robust or alternative to TSQL data processing routines in SqlServer?

My company has a workflow that involves ingesting huge amounts of raw data from external sources into SqlServer and then interpreting and weaving that data into our own application tables. This ...
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What advantage is gained by continuing to not provide an UPSERT statement in T-SQL (or any given major SQL dialect)?

This question is asking about a generally applicable engineering principle. It is using T-SQL as a specific example, but the question is about the engineering principles behind major SQL dialects in ...
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Unit testing Systems with Logic Tightly Coupled with Data

I understand there are many questions in this site revolving around the same concept, but I could not get a precise answer for my case. Problem I am handling an ERP System, with code base in both: ...
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T-SQL Development debate, which is the correct approach

The company I work at uses stored procedures (and a home-grown ORM) exclusively for all database interaction, selects, updates, deletes. We have numerous procs that will insert and/or update and/or ...
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2 answers

SQL query - split and run parallely?

I have a master table T1 which has 1000 records and a ColRef a key column. There are lots other tables all linked by ColRef. I have a Stored procedure which takes few hours to process. I want to ...
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Why storing a payroll in XML type field would be good or bad

We have a PAYROLL issues by the client to make it dynamic i.e. to make the whole process computerized. It includes: Employees Allowances (Scale wise, which could change yearly or monthly or ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Why are triggers seen as a last resort to solve multiple paths in cascading deletes?

There is a problem using ON DELETE CASCADE on foreign keys in a SQL database if there are multiple paths from the root foreign key to the leaf. The way around this seems to be to replace the ON DELETE ...
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2 answers

DB Design for non static front-end

I have a question about best practices to design a database which have to hold the following data: There is a page with a questionnaire which has default questions like Firstname, Lastname, Street... ...
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MS SQL Server Cell level Encryption options [closed]

Recently, i got the task of doing some research into the data encryption at the cell level. I tried using the Symmetric key (by passphrase) & second option i took is Symmetric key (by Certificate)....
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2 answers

Is there a difference between SQL INSERT patterns

SQL inserts are usually documented like so: INSERT TableName (Column1, Column2) VALUES ('Value1', 'Value2') However, in TSQL it's also possible to write the (seemingly) same statement like so: ...
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2 answers

Storing Dates & Times in SQL [closed]

I have a tool that I am working on which allows people to create meetings. They can select the Date, Time & Timezone that this meeting is occurring in. I need to determine the best way to store ...
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3 votes
2 answers

An algorithm that spreads similar items across a list

I need an algorithm that distributes same items across a list, so maximizing the distance between occurrences. E.g. I have a list of 15 items: {a,b,c,c,c,d,e,f,f,f,g,h,h,i,j} The algorithm should ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Combine union with distinct

Situation: I need distinct results from two tables, that both have duplicates. I would like to know if I should combine UNION and DISTINCT. Example 1 - Only use distinct SELECT DistinctValue FROM ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How can I improve quality on SQL reports?

I've recently ran into some issues where some reports were not generating the proper results. We already have a QA department that reviews the reports and then our business owners review them as well; ...
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2 votes
5 answers

Architecture strategies for a complex competition scoring system

Competition description: There are about 10 teams competing against each other over a 6-week period. Each team's total score (out of a 1000 total available points) is based on the total of its scores ...
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7 votes
4 answers

Should I Do Calculations in T-SQL or Program?

I am creating a stored procedure that is logging some data. The data ultimately needs to end up in 2 tables. The incoming data is coming from a JSON string containing 15 parameters, and the data is ...
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What are the pros and cons for having a dedicated T-SQL developer on your team?

Our T-SQL developer just gave his two weeks notice. We have been asked if our team of four developers would like an additional developer. We are offered to do our own T-SQL / Entitiy Framework ...
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Will TSQL become useless because of new ORMs? [closed]

By introducing LINQ to SQL, I found myself and my .NET developer colleagues gradually moving from TSQL to C# to create queries on the database. Entity Framework made that shift almost permanent. Now ...
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I feel unprepared to start my first job out of college... how can I improve? [closed]

I just graduated from university with a degree in Computer Science/Engineering and was fortunate enough to land a job working in the pharmaceutical industry as a developer. My title is System ...
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60 votes
24 answers

How can I explain the difference between NULL and zero?

Working on a problem that uses the percent change formula: percent change = 100 * [(new value - old value) / old value] How would I explain the difference if new value or old value = NULL, rather ...
4 votes
1 answer

Is there another name for Sql Azure's programming language?

According to this page on MSDN the sql language used on Sql Azure is called transact-sql (the same as on sql server). But is this the only way to refer to programming on Sql Azure? The Sql Azure ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Bill of materials database design in EF codefirst?

I'm having trouble generating a proper database design for bill of materials in EF Code-first I just need a general structure then ill add additional fields So i need to have a Product that is ...
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231 votes
19 answers

Why is naming a table's Primary Key column "Id" considered bad practice? [closed]

My t-sql teacher told us that naming our PK column "Id" is considered bad practice without any further explanations. Why is naming a table PK column "Id" is considered bad practice?
4 votes
3 answers

How to reach to the advanced level in SQL? [closed]

I think I have a good grasp of SQL and the most features it has, but sometimes when I've done some more advanced Reporting Services a fellow developer has helped me with some stuff and when I open ...
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4 answers

Using TSQL for the first time some basic instructions

I am writing an application that will use many tables and I've been told that I must not use stored procedures in this project because it will be too slow. It has been suggested that I use TSQL. I ...
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9 votes
3 answers

How do you handle constantly changing database dimensions?

For the last two months or so I have been looking for solutions or practices to handle release management within databases. I'm looking for what people view as the best process for handling this. We ...
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SQL problems and answers book for a functioning SQL programmer [closed]

It was pointed out to me yesterday that I need to get a book on SQL and learn about it properly. That is probably a fair assessment; I'm a functioning SQL programmer who can in general extract from ...
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