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Converting Dynamic Typing To Static Programatically

See: Type inference with duck typing - does this work? Why is it not used? And: General approach for proving decidability/undecidability Hello, I wanted to ask a theoretical question about type system ...
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What is the viability of engineering an integral type with values ranging from -1 to 254? Do types like this even exist?

In software engineering, often developers will utilize three different states of a signed integer, as a trilean: This tends to be quite typical: -1 - Represents something akin to a null pointer, as in ...
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Adjective for function types on wether the values are received or sent

I don't know how to phrase this better, but I remember reading an article about type theory, that categorized the values being received by a function and the values being sent back from the functions. ...
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Does deciding about Liskov sub.princple compliance require a contract?

I have read two opinions on the subject. Let's assume the following simple code: class Enemy { public virtual void CheckHealth() { if (Life <= 0) Dispose(); } } ...
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When to use a SortedMap interface?

The rule in programming is to use the most general interface possible. But the difference between Map and SortedMap is more subtle. They compile to the same bytecode [I think] No additional safety is ...
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What are the practical implications of homotopy type theory in programming?

I am just beginning to learn Haskell, after coming from the JavaScript/Ruby worlds. I have come across and the Homotopy Type Theory book, which I am very eager to read. ...
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Correct terminology in type theory: types, type constructors, kinds/sorts and values

In an answer to a previous question, a small debate started about correct terminology for certain constructs. As I did not find a question (other than this or that, which is not quite the right thing) ...
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