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Protecting against malicious duplicate IDs in a distributed environment

Let's say we have multiple (somewhat autonomous) (micro-)services, and when entities are created, the ID (UUIDs or whatever) can be set externally. How can we ensure that an ID remains unique across ...
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Is using multiple UUIDs decrease chance of collisions exponentially?

For example if you have a single UUID with a collision probability of x, if you concatenate 2 UUIDs, does the collision probability become x^2? val0 = generate_uuid() val1 = generate_uuid() final_val ...
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Ensure unicity of a 10 characters alphanumeric String

I have a requirement of developing a service that must generate each day few millions of random and unique alphanumeric String of length 10 (I can't increase this length, this is a customer ...
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Algorithm for permutations of a string of characters, with no duplicate orders

I've seen a lot of good questions about similar problems but not exactly what I'm looking for. Given: a non-unique set of symbols (or characters) (1, 1, 2, 3) Expected: an output similar to this (...
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How to maintain unique, customer facing Booking or Reservation Ids

I am facing trouble in creating a unique, customer facing Booking Id. It's a simple thing to do at backend where we can create a UUID and maintain uniqueness. But the UUID looks ugly from a Frontend ...
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3 answers

Deduplicating data during batch processing

I constantly struggling to solve data duplication problems efficiently (storing data from any source to RDBMSes). My main concern is speeding up inserts/batch processing. Scenario: I read data from ...
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2 answers

Should email be unique across application users?

I am working on a medical application which will be implemented for USA patients and health providers. I want that there should be only 1 record of a user without any duplication. And I believe that ...
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1 answer

CRM and external systems: How to associate data with contacts?

This question is about Dynamics CRM but is valid for every system that allows merging entities. Having data related to a contact in multiple external systems, how would you know which contact the ...
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Identifying similar customer data [duplicate]

I have a large database of customers. There's a need to identify customers who have two or more customer IDs. This comes mostly from people at the front-desk creating new customers instead of ...
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Reproducible uniqueness

So, I have a bunch of calls that are all being generated with a UUID1 throughout the day. At the end of the call the call is processed and some metrics around that call are generated and stored in ...
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Is there an elegant way to check unique constraints on domain object attributes without moving business logic into service layer?

I have been adapting domain-driven design for about 8 years now and even after all these years, there is still one thing, that has been bugging me. That is checking for a unique record in data storage ...
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Which hashing algorithm is best for uniqueness and speed?

Which hashing algorithm is best for uniqueness and speed? Example (good) uses include hash dictionaries. I know there are things like SHA-256 and such, but these algorithms are designed to be secure,...
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