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First time having users - how to deal with backwards compatibility?

I'm reaching out with the following situation: I'm the author of an application that saves a file format to disk. There are real users using the application in their workflows. Frequently, I want to ...
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What is a hitless upgrade?

Ive been reading software architecture in practice and I have encountered the term hitless in-service software upgrade on chapter 5 page 92. What does a hitless upgrade means in the context of faults, ...
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Java version: When to migrate? [closed]

About 4 years ago, where I was working, software was still being developed with Java 7 + Swing. It took me a couple years, but we could finally migrate to Java 8 + JavaFX, two years after that. Now ...
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How to Upgrade MQ with incremental approach with 50 micro services

I have around 50 microservices which communicate with each other using Apache MQ implementation. I want to know if I can avoid big bang approach when I need to upgrade the MQ version. Current option ...
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Risk of NuGet package adding new reference DLL

Had an interesting discussion with our architect. It was related to replacing a plain DLL reference with a NuGet package. His worry was "If it is possible for single NuGet package to add multiple DLL ...
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Convince a manager to use newer compiler version [closed]

I'm working in some environment where an older version of g++ is used to compile some production code: g++ 4.3.x . This might sound outrageous to you, but in various organizational settings ...
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How to allow for seamless upgrades from base/forked application?

I built a base/skeleton user-based web app. It just has sign up, log in, log out, forgot password, verify email address, etc. Now I can easily build user-based apps by developing on top of the base ...
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Name for "chained" version upgrades? [closed]

Consider two strategies for implementing an upgrade of something with multiple versions (e.g. upgrading an installation of some software). From any version, upgrade directly to the latest version. ...
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How can I make sure my PHP code is compatible with a newer version

I have a bunch of PHP 5.6 code that I would like to get up to 7.2. My biggest concern was the change that causes an error when you call a function without enough parameters. Previously, this was a ...
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MQ Architecture: How to handle old messages in the queue and releasing a consumer/producer upgrade

So for example if I have a producer that sends a message {id: 1} to a consumer that expects that json object. And there's a ton of messages sitting in the queue waiting to be processed. I'm also ...
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Should I rebuild to use latest tech?

I am a full stack developer in a very small company. It has a custom built ERP software using PHP 4 (no framework). Currently, it works fine from the business point of view except for some bugs here ...
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Why do many software developers violate the open/closed principle?

Why do many software developers violate the open/closed principle by modifying many things like renaming functions which will break the application after upgrading? This question jumps to my head ...
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Upgrading inherited 3rd party code with changes [closed]

I inherited a php project of 3rd party code with a good deal of company-specific customization lumped on top of it. Now I've got to upgrade it and the person who owned the project is the one I've ...
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Should I use an open source client framework or create my own?

I am working at a medium sized internet company, and I was handed the task of implementing the framework for our sites rebranding. It's quite an old (and ugly) site, and we want to update its look ...
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how to upgrade software [closed]

I am a beginner in computer programming with C/C++. I have previous experience in programming for the web. There is some confusion that I am having with the software development process in desktop ...
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Why do projects opt to stay on an older version of the .NET Framework? [closed]

Why do projects opt to stay on an older framework version of the .NET Framework? For example, staying on .NET Framework version 3.5 which was released in 2007 instead of upgrading to the latest 4.5.1 ...
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Requirement that code changes within release be reverse compatible with DB schema

I have recently come across a requirement related to our release/SDLC process that seems a little out of the ordinary to me so I am writing this to inquire whether this practice is common and, if not, ...
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Keeping third-party source code up to date

What is the best way to keep third-party source code up to date? For instance in my app, I'm using third-party source code from an open GitHub repository. What I've done is that I have downloaded the ...
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Versioning and client upgrade strategy for web applications

I'm writing a web app and am wondering about future upgrades and how upgrading the webapp will affect the user experience. In particular, I was wondering how a company like Google approaches this ...
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how to do database updates in each release

Our application uses database (mostly Oracle), and database is at the core. Each customer has its own database, with its own copy of application. Now with each new release of our product, we also need ...
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At what point should I have my Windows developers upgrade to the latest release of Windows?

At what point should I begin upgrading our developer's machines to a later Windows release? From experience, Microsoft typically has an epic fail about every other O.S. (I am really not trying to ...
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11 votes
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How safe it is to do minor JVM upgrades?

I have been working on the JVM for years and I have very rarely experienced a JVM crash ... that is until approx 6 months ago. Since that I have experienced approximately 5 JVM crashes resulting ...
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4 answers

How do you cope with change in open source frameworks that you use for your projects?

It may be a personal quirk of mine, but I like keeping code in living projects up to date - including the libraries/frameworks that they use. Part of it is that I believe a web app is more secure if ...
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How to manage database schema changes in open source project releases

I manage an open source PHP/MySQL web application used by a few K-12 schools and some colleges. I'm also the project's only developer. While it used to be little more than a source download of an ...
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How to justify framework upgrades

I am looking at how to justify changes to those who control budgets. For example if we have Enterprise Library 4 on some systems and the latest version is 5, is it worth upgrading? How do you justify ...
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Why do people hesitate to use Python 3?

Python 3 was released in December 2008. A lot of time has passed since then but still today many developers hesitate to use Python 3. Even popular frameworks like Django are not compatible with Python ...
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