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4 answers

What is the point of the URI specification?

As far as I understand it, the URI specification says that URIs are strings of the format scheme:b, and the format of b is specified by scheme (and there is not a finite centralised list of what ...
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How to build REST uri that fetches children by parent ID

I am building 2 REST microservices: ParentService and ChildService. I need to build endpoint to fetch all Child resources related to specific Parent, so I have these URI's as options: GET /parent/{...
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REST API: model file uploads as part of a resource or as subresources?

I am designing a REST API that has to deal with users and two video uploads associated to each user. So far, I've come up with two different approaches of modeling this: Video as part of a user ...
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Is there a conventional URI scheme for local sockets (AF_UNIX)?

I'm looking at creating a class which accepts a string to define a Unix socket address. Linux supports three types of addresses for Unix sockets: File based addresses (also called named domain ...
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What is the correct terminology for the components for a CURI?

Given a curi like [auth:password_reset_confirm], what do you call the part before the colon and what do you call the part after the colon? I have a json payload with come CURIs that look like this: ......
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What problems could be caused by inserting into a database on an HTTP GET?

I have code that checks if the scanned qr code exist in the database and if it exist it will insert data into another table but I did it in the HTTP GET request, is this alright to do it this way or ...
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Instantiating adapters in onion architecture

GitHub and NuGet Do you use connection strings to instantiate your adapter services or just always configure it through IoC? I think that connection strings could provide a way more flexibility, ...
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How to structure your URIs?

I am making a web UI and an HTTP API for editing JSON documents in collaboration (role and versioning system). There are several types of JSON documents. Each type is described by a JSON schema, let ...
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Unambiguously represent separator in a string containing an URI?

I'm trying to develop a way to represent something that has an URI inside of it, let's say: {someVariable}{separator}{URI}{separator}{anotherVariable} where someVariable is alphanumeric. I just ...
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recommendations regarding resource uri

lets say we have a "door api" and I want to create a resource to close the door. I could do this in 3 ways: traditional way using PUT with payload {id: XX, color: YY, closed: true} advantages: ...
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How to represent/address content within multiple / different / stacked mime types?

I have a resource, let's say image.jpg. This image(along with other resources) is compressed in a .zip file ( under the path /favimage/image.jpg. The archive is uploaded at http://example....
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Is a URC (Uniform Resource Citation) synonymous with a Query String or Url Parameters?

Reading this: URCs provide a set of attribute/value pairs that describe properties of URIs like authorship, publisher, ...
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2 answers

REST Resource design

Hi I'm working with an API Where an employee can see his Vacation (overview and balance) and Request new Vacation. A manager can Approve or Reject a Request for Vacation. He can also create Vacation ...
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5 votes
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RESTful URI map to database tables?

When designing a RESTful API, should your URI map to tables (for the most part). I have 2 tables that look like this: Users +-----------------------------------+ |id|first_name|last_name|email|role ...
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REST URI convention - Involves different resources

I am designing a REST API but came across some difficulties while naming it. I have an API like this: GET .../users/{userId}/categories/count GET .../users/{userId}/categories/{categoryId}/count ...
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3 answers

Saving URI in database parsed vs plain

So I want to save different URIs in database. I want format to be forced as well to look up different URIs easily. Is it better to create table like this: CREATE TABLE uris ( id INT(11) UNIQUE ...
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2 answers

Why include IDs of parent resources in REST endpoint?

Say I have a company directory application, so Companies have Employees. It's pretty clear to me why you would have the following GET endpoints: api/companies # Get all company records ...
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0 answers

Expressing units as urn's

I have a program that processes measurements of different types, using different units. For example, kilometers, miles and meters. Or pounds, kilograms and ounces. Each value has to be associated with ...
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Restful flows for data entry

I'm considering a few different possible flows for a restful api. For minimum viable product, I'm assuming a web browser as the front end. Current use case: the task of the human operator is to ...
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Is it safe to execute the "regedit" command on Windows? [closed]

I'm writing a Java application, I need to create a URI Scheme. I've seen a library creating a URI Scheme using the "regedit" command on Windows. Is it safe to execute "regedit" for this task? Is ...
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6 answers

What is a URI Scheme?

I have searched for this question, but I haven't found a good answer. Even the Wikipedia Article on URIs does not explain it thoroughly. I thought it was the protocol for accessing a web page. e.g. ...
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URI construction for REST API and use of verbs as resource?

I have two questions. 1) I have a issue of understanding the correct URL construction for a REST API. For example,
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2 votes
2 answers

Web API: avoiding name conflicts in URL query parameters

I am implementing a REST-like API and have just faced an interesting problem. There is a need to provide a resource with an open list of query parameters to filter the results. For example: GET /api/...
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MVC URL structure with URI parameters

When creating routes for your MVC web application I have seen two possible ways to pass variables to a controller method: With the first approach the variable is passed to a parameter of the ...
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1 answer

How to design URIs to initate batch jobs in a RESTful service

If I want to run a job at the end of the month to calculate the commission for all the sales consultants based on the current transaction data, eg commission rate for the person, sales done in the ...
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2 answers

What is the argument for singular nouns in RESTful API resource naming?

I understand that when naming RESTful URI's it is commonly accepted to use plurals to represent collections of resources. I am curious as to the argument for using singular nouns instead.
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URIs and Resource vs Resource representation

URL is an URI which identifies a resource by location. Resource representation is a view of resource's state. This view is encoded in one or more transferable formats, such as XHTML, Atom, XML, MP3 ....
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Why do XML namespace URIs use the http scheme?

A XML namespace should be a URI, but it can use any URI scheme, including those that are not URLs. Then why do all widely used XML namespaces use the http scheme (e.g.
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What is the appropriate Data URI to use for 0-byte content?

I have a method that generates a data URI from a byte array. In the event the input byte array is empty, what is the appropriate thing for the method to do? Here are the options I see: return data:, ...
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Is this mini-DSL for hiding URI passwords compatible with the URI spec?

Passwords exposed in URIs An application stores URIs to be used for file transfers via SFTP, FTP, FTPS and SCP. Many of these URIs contain passwords, for example: sftp://someuser:sekrit@host....
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