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Serve static files with a third party CDN but preserve statistics data?

I am building a service that is servicing a lot of audio files. The issue is that I need to keep a record on what files are being accessed. My initial thought was to use BackBlaze B2 with CloudFlare ...
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Why did Java and C sharply dip in popularity around 2017 in the TIOBE index? [closed]

The TIOBE Programming Community Index shows Java and C dramatically falling in popularity between late 2016 and mid 2017 before rebounding by mid 2018. What is the cause of the volatility? Source: ...
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Usage data collection on open-source library

I have an open-source library that provides multiple services around a particular domain. I would like to know how the various components are being used so that I can prioritize updates and new ...
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Collect DLL usage data (Open Source)

Is it legal to collect some usage data of a open source library? Let's say, I would like to know Things like These: Name of the assembly, using the library Number of Startups of the assembly, using ...
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Is it a good idea to collect anonymous usage statistics in a free program? [closed]

I'm the main author of a multiplatform free software/open source GUI program. Although the program gets thousands of direct downloads per month, I have no idea of the number of people regularly using ...
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Why is it rare to collect analytics/usage data in open source software?

So, I've been developing some analytic software at my work and also have started to take more notice to analytics in general. For instance, I recently installed Google Analytics on my blog(which is ...
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Why is there a large discrepancy between the stackoverflow tag frequency and the TIOBE Index?

By recently looking at the TIOBE Programming Community Index (Sep 2012) I noticed the following order: C Java Objective-C C++ C# PHP When looking at the tag frequencies of stackoverflow however, the ...
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Is Usage Tracking esoteric or state of the art? [closed]

There are several products for tracking the usage of your application. I know at least 10 offers. They tell you which features were used more often than others. Thus, you can identify features that ...
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Use Google Analytics to track visitor/download stats for a Google Code Project?

Can you use Google Analytics to track visitors/downloaders for a Google Code project? I've searched google for an answer but I get results about Google Analytics as a Google Code project itself and ...
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Is it unethical to track app usage through REST API calls?

I am building an app that communicates with my website with ASIHTTPRequest to a PHP-based REST API on the server side. Naturally, in my app I have different endpoints on the server side, and usually ...
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Is it legal/ethical to collect and release some types of anonymous usage data without consent? [closed]

The type of data I'm hoping to collect is a little specific, and unfortunately I'm under NDA and the data is a core part of the business plan so I'm not at liberty to post it online. I've come up with ...
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Do I need to notify a user if I am using statistics software in an iPhone app?

I am currently creating a (very simple) Objective-C client to send basic statistical data to my server for an iPhone app - just things like the state of the app (first-launch or launch, error, etc), ...
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