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High-cardinality UUID: how/where to store? [closed]

I have lots of devices, each identified by a unique UUID. For each device, I have one or more timeseries data (potentially up to millions of entries). What's the best way to store these entries? ...
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Should you manually generate UUIDs / GUIDs by modifying an existing UUID / GUID?

As an example imagine I generate a UUID/GUID for an ID in a json file. { "25d01302-2558-4c44-bf9d-385b1cc51377": ["somevalues"] } is it ok or generally frowned upon to do ...
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Better than ongoing integer and uuid as primary key

I read a lot about using ongoing numbers vs UUIDs as the primary key and had an idea how it might be possible to combine both and profit from their advantages, without their disadvantages. The table ...
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Is using multiple UUIDs decrease chance of collisions exponentially?

For example if you have a single UUID with a collision probability of x, if you concatenate 2 UUIDs, does the collision probability become x^2? val0 = generate_uuid() val1 = generate_uuid() final_val ...
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What is the minimum length for a UUID?

From general observation I've come across the standard to be 36. I was looking to incorporate a uuid in my urls but didn't want it that long. Is there a minimum where I can still keep the uuid unique?
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Generate UUID in Application or Database level?

I created a new application and I am thinking where is the best place to generate a UUID. Generate a UUID in application level and persist it Generate a UUID in Database level I have a feeling that ...
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MySQL UUID storage/presentation

I'm looking at the way UUIDs are stored in MySQL. MySQL 8 still doesn't have a UUID data type, and it still doesn't have custom types, so there are two options - store it as a string or as a binary. ...
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Questioning the impact of UUIDs

When I first played with a NoSQL database I become aware of the impact of UUIDs in a distributed system. MongoDB defaults to ObjectIDs, but I've always questioned in which cases UUID (RFC4122) would ...
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How do I create Uuids in DDD Entities/Aggregates

As I am learning DDD to help build an app idea the proper way ;) I have come across a confusing aspect that I am trying to find a solution for. I understand the need for Uuids in an app the size of ...
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Repository UUID equivalent

I am converting an old Subversion repository to Git. Here is an example: $ svn info Path: charlie URL: Relative URL: ^/charlie Repository ...
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UUID vs Integer

For a database. Should I use an UUID or an integer for the primary key? I will never exceed 2^32 in amount of rows, so an integer should be more than plenty. I would prefer to use an integer, as I ...
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Uniformly distributing GUIDS to bucket of size N [closed]

How can uniformly and deterministically distribute set of GUIDS to N buckets. N can be as small as 2. Need to make sure the same GUID is always mapped to the same bucket. Can't use any additionally ...
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Accepting the UUID collision risk based on number of clients

After reading some questions about the probability of UUID collisions it seems like collisions although unlikely, are still possible and a conflict solution is still needed. Therefore I am wondering ...
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Is it okay if we use an arbitrary string as UUID?

I found the tutorial of client (android) and server (pc) bluetooth tutorial from here. But my question is about the UUID. Is that okay if we define it randomly without the proper format? Because I ...
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Strategy for generating unique and secure identifiers for use in a "sometimes offline" web app

I have a web based project that allows users to work both online and offline and I'm looking for a way to generate unique ids for records on the client side. I'd like an approach that works while a ...
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How deterministic are SessionIDs from SHA'd GUIDs?

Assume I'm using the following code to generate pseudo-random sessionID's: sessionID = SHA-512(GENERATE-GUID()) The GUIDs are pretty deterministic, i.e. I see lots of GUIDs with a lot of the same ...
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How unique should a UUID identified object be?

I am working on a fairly large open source project (Drupal) and the next major version will begin to use UUIDs for a lot of things, including configuration objects. If we put UUIDs into the ...
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Why are UUID / GUID's in the format they are?

Globally Unique Identifiers (GUID) are a grouped string with a specific format which I assume has a security reason. A GUID is most commonly written in text as a sequence of hexadecimal digits ...
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How to generate "language-safe" UUIDs?

I always wanted to use randomly generated strings for my resources' IDs, so I could have shorter URLs like this: /user/4jz0k1 But I never did, because I was worried about the random string generation ...
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A good schema to represent integer numbers from 0 to infinity, assuming you have infinite linear binary storage?

I would like a schema to represent integer numbers starting with 0, without any limit (assuming access to infinite linear storage). Here's a schema that can represent numbers from 0 to 255: Use the ...
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UUID collisions [closed]

Has anybody done any real research on the probability of UUID collisions, especially with version 4 (random) UUIDs, given that the random number generators we use aren't truly random and that we might ...
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