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Why should PHP developer use/learn VI editor? [closed]

Why should PHP developer use/learn VI editor ? I mean there are 10 most amazing editors like PHPStorm, Netbeans which increases developers productivity. Lets just consider PHPStorm. I never got ...
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Emacs/Vim/Vi - do they have a place in modern software development ecosystem? [closed]

Watching all those screencasts (and listening all those podcasts) with more-or-less famous hackers/programmers I hear that many of those use emacs/vi(m) for their daily work. Now, I myself tried ...
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How frequently do you switch mode? [closed]

I tried VIM and liked it but something stopped from using it: I had to type ESC to often, very often, something like each 5 seconds, and it was highly uncomfortable, so I stopped using it as a primary ...
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Time to drop Emacs and vi? [duplicate]

Every time you are looking for a text editor, no matter what language you are using, vi and Emacs are hall-of-famers. However they are ancient, and we have better alternatives (at least I hope we ...