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Vim is a highly configurable text editor built to enable efficient editing. It is an improved version of the vi editor distributed with most UNIX systems.

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Is it possible to compile a higher level language to readable C++? [closed]

C++ is a great language in many ways, but some things in particular are cumbersome to write without an IDE. As a VIM user, it would be very interesting if I had access to a higher level language which ...
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best way to do the compile and check cycle

I am trying to learn lua and am experimenting on my linux machine. I am not a programmer, so I am looking for your help to give me some suggestions. What I want to accomplish is making my compile-...
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Using Vim when coding a large-scale application

I'm starting to learn Vim, and following some of the advices given here in stackexchange. I'm beginning to use it in some toy projects and I'm cool with that. But I started to wonder how you can be ...
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Is there a way to automatically un-tab everything in your source file by using a command? [closed]

And then to automatically re-indent after that? I've tried copying code from one terminal screen to the other, but the tabulation got all messed up. I didn't know what to call this functionality, so ...
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Is it possible to have an effective VIM environment for both C++ and Python?

I have recently moved to a VIM environment for Python development. I learned the setup from John Anderson's outstanding web page on the subject. I am about to try and set up another VIM environment ...
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How frequently do you switch mode? [closed]

I tried VIM and liked it but something stopped from using it: I had to type ESC to often, very often, something like each 5 seconds, and it was highly uncomfortable, so I stopped using it as a primary ...
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Vim key mappings / plugin XCode?

I'm a developer who mostly does web stuff in ruby and C#. I'd like to start tinkering with iOS and Mac development. Over the last few month i've been trying to get fluent in one set of key bindings (...
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How to auto-format and auto-capitalize SQL in Vim

I'd like to use vim to write SQL queries, but haven't figured out how to get two key features that I use all the time in programs like SQL Yog. I usually start an instance of Yog in the background, ...
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Must a programmer learn text editors like Emacs and Vim? How important are they? [duplicate]

I have been writing code so far in conventional text editors that come with the OS so far or use an IDE in some cases. I know there are some advanced text editors like Emacs and Vim available solely ...
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Are Vim or Emacs practical for languages like .Net or Java? [closed]

So, I am primarily a .Net developer who does some stuff in Java, Python and a few others from time to time. I have heard a lot of people praise Vim and Emacs for greatly increasing efficiency once the ...
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What are safe keys to remap in vim?

So far I've been trying to use Vim in as vanilla a configuration as possible, so as to save myself hassle when moving between machines. However, there are a few things I'd really like to bind keys, ...
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Emacs and "self-reinforcing performance"

In short, my question for you hardcore Emacs users is this: have you achieved this "self-reinforcing performance" Steve Yegge talks about? Emacs is self-hosting: writing things in it makes the ...
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Highlight global variable in vim (or any other free editor)

In Source Insight, global variable show up in a different colour. Is there a way to accomplish this in vi (or any other free editor)?
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I use an IDE (Eclipse) to develop software. Why should I switch to vim or emacs? [closed]

My day job is java/web developer. I have been using eclipse for ~5years. I think its excellent and I also use Webstorm for javascript and html/jsp. I do on occasion need to ssh into server and ...
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Most useful features of VIM that aren't standard in a IDE [closed]

I'm considering whether I should start using VIM again instead of an IDE. What are the most useful features of VIM that aren't standard in an IDE?