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Why do we need factories in the first place?

I went through various blogs but nowhere I can find the reason of having virtual constructors in C++. Why is virtual constructor needed and lets say if we go through the wrong way of creating virtual ...
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Object Oriented Programming - what is the best way to add new parameters?

I have a doubt about what would be the right OOP approach for implementing classes that do similar stuff with different parameters. To provide a simple example, I would use two polynomial classes, ...
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What do you call a function that properly remains undefined?

Backstory: I have subclasses that are supposed to override and define various functions, but not neccessarily all of them. They can't remain purely virtual though for obvious reasons, and so I am ...
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True cost of virtual dispatch in C++ - when stop using it?

What I've learned so far as a programmer has lead me to think that the easiest way to write large scale software is to use a lot of interfaces - this makes things very easy to isolate and test. In ...
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How to define values dependant on the derived type?

My base class must provide an interface to get a value that is dependent solely on the type of the derived class. I can think of two ways of implementing this: Solution A, virtual functions: class ...
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Never make public members virtual/abstract - really?

Back in the 2000s a colleague of mine told me that it is an anti-pattern to make public methods virtual or abstract. For example, he considered a class like this not well designed: public abstract ...
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C++ : What is the order of function pointers inside vtable?

In this answer to "In C++ why and how are virtual functions slower?", the author mentions below point: "Get the right function address from the vtable into a register (the index where the correct ...
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Differences between branching and virtual methods

I was trying to find more info on the matter but could only find this: In C++ why and how are virtual functions slower? The answer says that the virtual call "Get[s] the right function address from ...
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Do any compilers do this optimization for virtual calls?

This just came to mind, and not really sure how to search for this. Let's say you have the following classes class A { public: virtual void Foo() = 0; virtual void ManyFoo(int N) { ...
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Should a base class implement a virtual method for the most common type or derived class?

Is it okay to implement a virtual method in a base class because I know that the majority of derived classes will use that particular implementation? Suppose I have the following class hierarchy (in ...
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Is overriding a pure virtual function with default arguments good or bad?

Is overriding a pure virtual function with default arguments good or bad? class Base { public: virtual int func(int i, int j = 10) = 0; }; class Derived : public Base { public: int func(int ...
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Why runtime ploymorphism is required? [closed]

Why runtime ploymorphism is required ? give a real example that "why it came into existence when we have compile time polymorphism??" As mainting the runtime polymorphism requires lot of overhead of ...
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How is correct function method called at run-time?

Suppose we have a base class Aand derived class B. A implements a virtual method foo() which is overloaded in B. If we have an object test of type B, then the object would surely contain both ...
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What are the consequences of no virtual destructor for this base class?

I found this same code here: struct Base { virtual Base& operator+=(int) = 0; }; struct X : Base { X(int n) : n_(n) { } X& operator+=(int n)...
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Why do I need to declare virtual functions as such?

Example: We have a base class Base and three subclasses which all implement their own version of doSomething(). In an intermediate function f(Base b), we want to call the relevant version of ...
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When to mark a function as virtual?

I'm trying to understand the idiomatic way to code. I'm using gmock to unit test the components I write. Gmock requires methods to be virtual to be able to mock but the class I'm trying to mock has a ...
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Is it possible to detect misuse of passing self type argument in compile time?

I just hit the very basic problem in OOP and I cannot see any working solution except postponing appropriate check until run time. It is pretty clear notion of an action "do something with value of ...
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How does the base class non-virtual function get called when derived class object is assigned to base class?

#include <iostream> class Base { private: int b_value; public: void my_func() {std::cout << "This is Base's non-virutal my_func()" << std::endl; } virtual void ...
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Pass data into a constructor or instead create virtual methods?

In an object oriented module describing a database, should I pass DB description data structures to the constructor in the constructors of derived classes, or should I instead create ("virtual" that ...
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Virtual method returning a unique collection - how to ensure and hint?

I have a virtual method that returns a collection of items that must be unique. I want to make sure that it will be obvious when overriding the method. What is the best way to do this? Here is an ...
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When NOT to use virtual destructors?

I believed I searched many times about virtual destructors, most mention the purpose of virtual destructors, and why you need virtual destructors. Also I think in most cases destructors need to be ...
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Why does C++ not have a "pure" keyword for virtual functions?

I have always wondered why we code virtual void MyFunction() = 0; and not pure virtual void MyFunction(); Is there a reference for the basis of this decision?
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