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4 answers

Use of globals in stack-based virtual machine implementation

I'm implementing a stack-based virtual machine in C. The following variables are used by pretty much every function: memory array various pointers to memory offsets program counter stack stack ...
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Do Virtual Machines (for execution of PL) operate on one contiguous array for their bytecode?

I have been reading every now and then on the virtual machines of programming languages like Java, Python and Lua. They all have a notion of bytecode, into which the source code is translated and that ...
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Module system for OOP language

I'm designing a simple OO programming language. It's statically typed, compiled, and executed by a VM - similar to Java. The difference is that I don't want to have such a strong emphasis on OOP. ...
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I want to build a Virtual Machine, are there any good references? [closed]

I'm looking to build a Virtual Machine as a platform independent way to run some game code (essentially scripting). The Virtual Machines that I'm aware of in games are rather old: Infocom's Z-Machine,...
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Why aren't there other programming languages that compile to Python bytecode?

In Java, there are multiple languages that compile to Java bytecode and can run on the JVM -- Clojure, Groovy, and Scala being the main ones I can remember off the top of my head. However, Python ...
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Cross "Machine" Code?

Some languages (mostly ones made in the last 2 decades or so) can now not only run (after some compilation step or directly) on several platforms, but also can be compiled to run on several virtual ...
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Why aren't VM languages compiled just once?

(First of all, I should make clear that compilers and virtual machines (aka) are a completely unknown field for me) As I understand it, every time a Java/C#/... application is run, a VM is invoked and ...
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