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PowerShell performance when running Excel macros

I run on a daily basis a set of VBA-rich Excel files. Most of them include MS Office application cross-talk, but also employ third-party applications and MySQL. Due to the fact of running those files ...
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Use of InstrRev

I am a novice Visual Basic user. I am an engineer, but I don't have much programming experience. I recently purchased the source code for a data recovery tool. I have decided to work through it, line ...
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Correct way to implement non blocking async methods in .net?

I've made the code below work and it is mostly non-blocking except where the process.start code is. However, my question is, in my winforms application is this the best way to implement the use of ...
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Possible methods of accessing L1 cache and specifying threads/cores

A faster prime number generator with hyperthreading and L1 cache About five years ago I wrote a simple VB widget to generate the first one million prime numbers and then port them to into its single ...
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Why is Systems Hungarian commonly used in the VB world, and seemingly nowhere else?

Kind of as the title implies - I can understand why Apps Hungarian might crop up, but Systems Hungarian seems almost entirely pointless in a strongly-typed language. Why, then, is it so apparently ...
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Visual Basic Writing to File with Numbered Lines

This is more of a design/user experience kind of question, so if it belongs somewhere else please let me know. I have a program that has multiple PictureBoxes: PictureBox1 PictureBox2 . . ...
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Why use a local variable over a global variable? [duplicate]

Im a beginner using visual studio 2013, and I know what they are, but I'm puzzled, why would one use a local variable? I would always just use a global variable.
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String Rearrangement Algorithm in Visual Basic

Beginning programmer here (mostly engineer). I'm making trapezoids in layers. We begin with the small length layer, and end with the longest length layer. I want my user to input in a desired ...
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Why VB local variables can be 'static', not 'shared'?

In Visual Basic .NET, I can see different keyword for the same(?) concept: • methods Shared • properties Shared • class-level variables Shared BUT • local variables ...
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Learning VB, and have a question about Focus()

I know that the .Focus() allows you to focus on a text input field, or wherever you wish your eye to be directed, but I am wondering, is there a way to use Focus to direct the person's view to ...
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What is the IDE for Visual basic? [closed]

So weird to ask and I am sorry for the this question. What is the IDE for Visual basic? I searched throughout the internet but I didnt find the nice information about visual basic and its IDE.
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An algorithm that spreads similar items across a list

I need an algorithm that distributes same items across a list, so maximizing the distance between occurrences. E.g. I have a list of 15 items: {a,b,c,c,c,d,e,f,f,f,g,h,h,i,j} The algorithm should ...
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Automating daily procedures [closed]

Is there a way to automate running VBA in Excel to clean up the file from inside an application? Everyday my office has to confirm that 50 people have shown up for work on time. The scheduling ...
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Issue with My.Settings using Visual Basic [closed]

For my A2 Computing project I have created a game using Visual Basic. For the leaderboard section, I have used the My.Settings feature to store the scores when the game closes, but only one or two ...
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Convert to Object Oriented Programming

I am currently working on a project that is fairly small for the time being. There was a recent change to implement 3-tier architecture, such that the code is now split up appropriately to data ...
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Why doesn't VB.NET allow unnamed, one-line objects to be used?

Why isn't this allowed in VB.NET: New SqlCommand("some string", someSqlConnection).ExecuteNonQuery() Why would the language have been designed to require that this be used instead: Dim com As New ...
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Most efficient multiple condition IF statement

I am using a function to compare over 100 variables inside of classes to each other an am curious if one method of comparing multiple condition statements is more efficient than another. I am ...
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Best Practice - Loop Exit Via Iterator Modification

I had an interesting discussion with my boss today regarding exiting a loop before the terminal condition is met. He had a construct in some of his VB6 code that looked something like this: Dim ...
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VB stand alone application or ASP web application

I have experience developing software and web applications and I have decided to do some freelance work on the side. Well, I met with my first client and they are requesting a relatively simple, ...
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How can I present some printed Visual Basic source code in an aesthetically pleasing manner?

Right now I'm interning at a major engineering company. I'll be leaving in a few months though, so my project manager has requested a print out of my source code for a VBA project I've been working on....
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How To Start Programming [closed]

I have taken a programming course 2 years ago but I haven't worked in programming since then. I recently found a programmer job, but there is no programming team so for me to gain valuable experience ...
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Better use on the name of variables

I have a method that looks like this: Public Function NormalizeStreetAddress(country As Namespace.Country, streetAddress As Namespace.StreetAddress) _ ...
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Visual Basic link to SQL output to Word

I am in need of some advice/references. I am currently trying to develop a legal document interface. There are certain fields in which I need to query out of my sql db and have those fields output ...
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Software solution from the 2000's, should I attempt to patch or remake the whole thing?

I was sent out to discuss a system that a certain company is currently using and what should be done with it. The company manufactures various carton displays. This system was developed to keep track ...
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Meaning of phrase: "Not your father's Visual Basic" [closed]

I have ran into the above phrase many times (especially during classic VB days) and I have been wondering what it really mean and where it originated from. Any ideas?
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