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This tag is specific to Visual Studio 2012. For general questions about Visual Studio IDE, please refer to a tag visual-studio.

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Is there a compiler switch changing the scope of variables in loops? [closed]

I'm using some code, which uses variables declared in a loop after the loop. For example for (int i = 0; i != 10; i++) { // do stuff } int x = i; I get the "i" undefined error. Is there a ...
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Best practices in managing nuget repositories [closed]

I've been involved in a project using Visual Studio 2012 that has multiple solutions and multiple projects. In most cases, one solution will have to refer to the library build in a different project. ...
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Is seeing loads of merge messages in a git branch standard, or are we working incorrectly?

We're in the process of switching from SVN to git, and I've noticed that we're seeing a lot of these commit messages in git: Merge branch 'development' of [Url to Origin]. These are coming in where ...
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Coded UI test Automation Technique

How is coded UI testing technique more favorable than any other testing technique? What is the main advantage of using a coded UI test?
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Asterisks in Multi-line comments

Using Visual Studio 2012 with C#, when I write multi-line comments, VS automatically begins each line with an asterisk, like this: /* * * */ I was just curious if this was the case in programming ...
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How to convince boss to buy Visual Studio 2012 Professional [closed]

The main advantage is the use of ReSharper and other add-ons but we need to make a convincing argument for the purchase of Visual Studio 2012 Professional. We are currently using Visual Studio 2012 ...
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What is the C++ convention, if any, for naming to differentiate between structure types and other types? [closed]

In general, should I use some sort of convention for structure names which is distinct from other type name? I was thinking about this when my professor started talking about structures. I had the ...
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How to access / query Team Foundation Server 2012 with Odata?

I've tried to find a solution for this for hours now, and I'm getting the same results in the end, asking me to install a lot of Azure and other stuff, plus running some example project .sln that I ...
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C++ Building Static Library Project with a Folder Structure

I'm working on some static libraries using visual studio 2012, and after building I copy .lib and .h files to respective directories to match a desired hierarchy such as: drive:/libraries/libname/...
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Are only companies and no private programmers allowed to use VS Studio 2012 Express Desktop?

Programming is my hobby and I've just downloaded VS Studio 2012 Express Desktop. Now I am going to register it but they want me to tell them business information Are only companies and no ...
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Visual Studio 2012 - Express vs Professional [closed]

I'm having trouble finding a feature comparison between Visual Studio 2012 Express Edition and the professional edition. I'm using the trial Professional version at the moment, but it'll run out soon, ...
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