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Visual testing, a form of user interface (UI) testing in software development, is how developers ensure that an application appears to the end-user as it was originally intended. This could involve manual verification using your eyes or programmatically interpreting images of application screens.

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How to best do cross-browser cross-platform visual CSS regression testing? [closed]

Background: Visual CSS regression testing is where you screenshot (part of) one version of a webpage in a browser and compare it against a screenshot of the previous version of the same webpage in the ...
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TDD for Graphics application

I have googled and read few articles about the TDD for UI. I am not very much clear about how to start the implementation of the Graphics Application using Test Driven Development or how to write unit ...
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How can you TDD for a bug that can only be tested after it has been fixed?

Here's one example: My web application contains draggable elements. When dragging an element, the browser produces a "ghost image". I want to remove the "ghost image" when dragging and I write a test ...
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Automated testing of programs with graphical output

I am a lecturer for a post-graduate module where I expect my students to write Python code that replicates examples from the textbook. The project has been running for a couple of years and this year ...
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Does the games industry use automated testing for visual parts of games/rendering? How?

Some parts of a game are easy to test in an automated way (logic, maths, input handling); but there's also a lot that's purely visual and not easily testable. I would be surprised if the games ...
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Unit testing on visualization (3D graphics) frameworks

This is a follow up to this question. There I was asking how to do unit testing when you have a library of scientific algorithms. I have a similar problem now but with a different project. I'm ...
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In what ways can I test an image slideshow javascript code?

I have a slideshow of images (and links) on a page. These images are part of a JSON response to a request sent after the page loads. The slideshow is set to play at an interval of 2 seconds. The ...
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How to unit test image processing code?

I'm working in image processing (mainly OCR) and I wonder how I should integrate unit tests in my development. I'm already using unit tests for more "common" type of code but when dealing with image ...
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How to test UI frameworks

I am currently working on a library that provides functionality for interactive terminal applications. For now, I implemented functionality for reading an arbitrary keypress from the User to the ...