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Encoding text to image and decoding back to text

(FYI: I asked this question on stack overflow and was directed here) My problem is as follows: I have a dashboard running on a server at customer premises which updates every 15 minutes The dashboard ...
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Data visualisation application for WPF and MVVM

I was wondering what is the best approach for a Data visualisation application for WPF and MVVM The key points are: The data is loaded, or needs just a little preparation such as pulling out ...
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Can the results of a Discrete-Event Simulation be translated to a Continuous-Time visualization?

I am composing a library for Discrete-Event Simulation of vehicle traffic. Vehicles are modelled as agents, while the network is modelled as a set of interconnected edges and nodes (a bidirectional ...
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How to visualize a Stream object (and some other data types)?

I want to make a small programming tutorial which will have a number of images visualizing various data types, but I am not sure how to draw these images of the data types. Assume that I have a ...
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WebApp for ETL with visual mapping - read csv and map it to data model

a few years ago I wrote a python script for reading CSV, handling the headers, filtering data, renaming stuff via RegEx...bascially to do various ETL stuff. This was done using a exhaustive ...
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How can I quickly visualize software in meetings?

I have started a new job as a software engineer one month ago working on a web, saas oriented piece of software. I like it, but I have spotted an area where I need to increase my skills, which is ...
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Detecting massive classes that are good candidates for refactoring

Does anyone know of any tool that would help find classes that are taking on too much responsibility? E.g. By visualizing a file's size compared to the other files in the code base, it can be easy to ...
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Graph visualization algorithm

I need a 2d or 3d graph visualization algorithm by which adding/removing a node or a relationship does not have a butterfly effect on the positions of other nodes. (We are talking about a directed ...
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Diagram to show code responsibility

Does anyone know how to visually diagram the ways in which the flow of control in code passes between code produced by different groups and how that affects the amount of code that needs to be ...
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NCurses, scrolling of multiline items, "current item" pointer and "selected items"

I am looking for hints/ideas for the best (most effective) way on how to scroll multi-line items as well as emphasizing of the "current item" and "selected items" such as: 1 FOO ITEM 1 Foo sub-item ...
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Visualizing a complex software application [closed]

Question What is a good way to go about visualizing a complex software application? Are recommended software applications that can be used for this purpose? Background About 3 years ago, I ...
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Building a Graph Editor - How to create a data driven graph

I am developing a graph-editor that uses drag and drop to build hierarchical graphs (containing nodes and links). Each node in the graph should be linked to a table in our database (SQL Server). I did ...
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How to properly diagram lambda expressions or traversals through them in Architecture Explorer?

I'm exploring a piece of code in Architecture Explorer in Visual Studio 2010 to study the relations between methods. I noticed a strange behavior. Take the following source code. It generates a hello ...
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Hash Algorithm Randomness Visualization

I'm curious if anyone here has any idea how the images were generated as shown in this response: Which hashing algorithm is best for uniqueness and speed? Ian posted a very well-received response but ...
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Testing of visualization projects

We develop small to large visualization projects for different tasks and industries and sometimes while rewriting them a couple of times in the process we hit walls because we discover that we need to ...
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replacement for fanfold paper printouts

Back in university, we were able to print "unlimited" printouts on wide fanfold paper, (perhaps 128 characters wide or maybe more). I could then unfurl the printed code out across the desks or the ...
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Visualizing temperature levels across a city

I have a list of temperature levels (0 - 30 degrees) in different parts of a city. I would like to visualize the different temperature levels in the different parts of the city. Hot places should be ...
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Modelling project structure for Management

The project I am putted in is running awful. :-) Main Problem is a missing architecture and a missing guidline how to organize projects. In this case I have done a sample project architecture with UML ...
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Visualizing a CUP grammar

I am implementing a grammar in CUP, and it would often be helpful to see everything at a glance. This could also be useful in finding errors quickly. Are there any programs out there that will ...
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Any good examples of visualizations of performance test data?

I run some basic performance tests in C# on simple methods, but there are also legacy monolithic pieces written in C# as well as other languages. So, when testing, I often end up working with a black ...
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What is (are) the most useful technique/visualization for overall project status? [closed]

For reasons "above my pay grade", we're developing an issue/project tracking system where I work (similar to Trac, FogBugz, etc). The managers want a useful tool to be able to track the overall health ...
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