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Waiting until end of project to remove commented out code, remove unused code, and resolve compiler warnings

A co-worker of mine is working on project solo but would still like to have other team members review their code upon reaching certain milestones. Unfortunately, they also want to wait until the end ...
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When to use using #pragma warning disable

Is there a general rule about disabling warnings in your code? In my particular case, an unreachable code warning was issued because of an if statement testing a constant value, where it could be ...
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Is it really good idea to disable warning of C or Cpp? [duplicate]

When we are working on a big project of C or CPP, we are getting some warning. Therefore, we try to remove that warning because when we see compiler warnings that they make us feel dirty. When we ...
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Are there any standards for labelling stdout/stderr messages?

I'm making a console application, and over time I have been developing my own tools and practices for outputting text; a process that keeps evolving. For example, these days I have 4 main types of ...
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Capturing warnings when batch processing is ignored

My client has a process which iterates over a number of actions that may or may not apply to a users portfolio. Quite frequently, processing of an action may give up and jump to the next action or ...
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Why unused variables is such an issue?

I was cleaning unused variables warnings one day, and I started to ponder, what exactly is the problem about them? In fact, some of them even help in debugging (e.g. inspect exception details, or ...
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Is a compiler warning for 64bit to 32bit `size_t` truncation actually useful?

I have been looking at VC++'s C4267: Compiler Warning (level 3) C4267 'var' : conversion from 'size_t' to 'type', possible loss of data The compiler detected a conversion from size_t to a ...
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Example of problem caused by casting Object[] to E[]

I've heard here and there that arrays contain runtime data about their type, making you unable to instantiate an E[] (E being a generic type parameter, for example in a class Foo<E>), and that ...
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Is it a good practice to use suppress warnings in your code?

I use @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") and @SuppressWarnings("null") mostly above methods to let the code compile without any warnings but I have my doubts. Found this Stackoverflow question. Jon Skeet ...
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Is it good practice to avoid warnings and notices?

I've generally been working with PHP warnings and notices off, since I work on a lot of projects where it's already in live production. Now, if I turn on the warnings and notices on these live ...
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Why am I getting field visibility warnings in Sonar?

Some static analysis tools flag non-private fields with Variable '[nameHere]' must be private and have accessor methods. Sonar consistently presents such warnings and wants to change all protected ...
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Is it a good practice to choose the highest warning level in C++ programming? [closed]

I used to select the default warning level in C++ programming. For example, in VS, the default warning level is Level3 (/W3) and No (/WX-) (don't treat warnings as errors). I am wondering is it a ...
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How much warnings in C to enable?

This is a tiny project of about 2000LOC. It is being compiled with -Wall. Now, I tried adding -Wextra. Two things happened: Some minor but valid warnings popped up, e.g. Comparing signed with ...
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Handling compiler bugs in Continuous Integration

I believe that warnings should be treated as errors. If you start ignoring warnings you'll start missing "important" warnings among the "unimportant" ones. So my Continuous Integration system fails a ...
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How to deal with warnings in a legacy project

I work on a C++ project that generates bajillions of warnings. Most of the warnings appeared after the code was written: Initially the project used Visual C++ 8, soon switching to 9, but there is ...
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Why should one want to disable compiler warnings?

This answer and the comments added to it show a way to disable several compiler warnings using #pragma directives. Why would one want to do that? Usually the warnings are there for a reason, and I've ...
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