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How do websites/apps deal with so many people online at once? [closed]

I’ve been wondering about this for a little bit, but I couldn’t find much info on Google. What do big websites like YouTube do to manage all the traffic they get without their website slowing down? ...
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Hosting a static website containing JavaScript/jQuery

I have customized a free downloaded web template as my simple, static website. It contains HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/jQuery. I want to make it live, and am confused from where to host it. The hosting ...
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How to setup "multiple-website" website with domains?

Background: I run a two-sided platform with small businesses on one side, and users on another. As a part of our product I plan to introduce "websites" as part of the product. Idea is: a local ...
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Why use IIS or apache tomcat instead of self-hosting?

I am a .NET developer. I see ASP.NET MVC framework now started providing a self-hosting feature. It makes a lot of sense (to me). A self-hosted application feels complete with no external dependency. ...
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Should you always program server side for a website?

I'm about to start creating a music project website for a friend. It should be pretty simple for now: no dynamic content (tour dates, etc.), and nothing more than a few embedded sample songs or ...
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Is there a limit to how often I should access a website programically to avoid DDOS? [closed]

I have my own website that displays some data I get from webscraping. I run the webscraping script on my website host server. I just realized that maybe I'm accessing other websites too quickly ...
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How do freelance web developers manage client hosting? [duplicate]

Looking for a side hobby/project of freelance web development as i am currently in university trying to make some extra cash. So my question is: When a client comes to me for a website should i set ...
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Are websites hosted in distant servers slower?

I live in Brazil and I'm planning on hosting my website in either DreamHost or Digital Ocean, which don't have any servers in my country. Will that affect the loading speed of my site? Thanks!!!
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Converting from AppHarbor to Azure

I'm thinking of switching my cloud provider from AppHarbor to Azure. Main reason, I love the ability of being able to scale up the number of workers as traffic/cpu usage gets really high. My question ...
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VPS vs Web Hosting: Which one is good for java web services [closed]

I have some questions about VPS and web hosting. As far as I understand, VPS is a virtual machine on which we can do anything as we can do with our local machine. Install software, change settings ...
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3 answers

Web hosting deciding to pay for hosting or host your own? [closed]

Is there a guide out there on how to choose when to pay for web hosting vs. hosting your own? Assuming that root access is a must I would like to compare things like cost, scalability and personal ...
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5 votes
3 answers

How to deploy a single website to multiple physical servers?

Edit: I asked this question 3 or 4 years ago when I was new to web-development, the question looks a bit stupid to me today. I wanted to create a server setup of my own without relying on other ...
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3 answers

Is the .NET/Microsoft technology stack a financially viable option for a startup with limited finances?

I have an unpaid internship for a very new startup company with little tech experience that's trying to be a Groupon clone. They're currently using Wordpress and I've been trying to decide what web ...
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What exactly do I have to pay attention for when choosing Windows Hosting Provider?

This is my first time choosing a hosting company. It is for a web site made in mvc3. So I was thinking choosing a provider would be easy since I found this page
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10 votes
7 answers

hosting website from home [closed]

If I want to host a website from my home, I buy a domain name. Then, I get a static IP from my ISP. Next, I point it to the IP address of my home system. I can even use the SQL server installed in my ...
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Raise a ticket to issue tracking from external web application

I don't know if it's the right place to post this question but, to improve my productivity I need to install an open source issue-tracking system to keep tracks of all bugs and information about the ...
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2 answers

How do I "hand over the keys" to a webserver I'm hosting? [closed]

I only have a verbal hosting agreement in place with a customer. Unfortunately the relationship has deteriorated to the point of no return, and I'd like to end the hosting agreement and hand them ...
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How do freelancer web developers manage web hosting for customers?

I have built a number of websites for friends, family, etc. and I have put them all on a single shared web hosting account. Now that they are built, I want to get out of business of supporting them ...
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How to create a centralized update mechanism for a hosted CMS?

We're a team developing a hosted CMS (something like, but in .NET platform), and we want every site to get updates as we update our software. Our CMS is not multi-tenant, i.e. each site ...
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How much better is Apache Solr than its non-Java competition? [closed]

How much better is Apache Solr than its non-Java competition? Is it so much better than other solutions, e.g. this one (Sphinx with PHP API) or Zend_Search_Lucene that it would be worth suggesting ...
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Where can I host my JSP+Java Web application? [closed]

My web application is currently written in JSP/Java, using an Oracle DB. I develop on Windows, and I use JDeveloper (Oracle's eclipse clone) and I use JDev's integrated WebLogic Server. I want to go ...
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How do I go about hosting facebook apps that are picking speed?

My situation is this. I coded in php and built a facebook app. After 3 days it has 13,000 users. I have my own server at hostmonster. It is a regular plan costing me about $70 per year. It has ...
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Catering for client's web-hosting needs, minus the headaches?

I'll be trying to sell my Ruby on Rails development skills to small local businesses. It seems I'd be shooting myself in the foot if I couldn't manage to put their apps into production, in fact ...
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What's the cheapest way to host hobby projects? [closed]

What's the best place to put your hobby web projects(the web app itself, not the code) ? Typically, the projects are such that: a) I just want to test out an interesting idea without exploring the ...
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VPS versus Shared Hosting [closed]

Is there any compelling reason a programmer would host on a shared platform versus just having a VPS account somewhere?
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How do you rate Hosting?

1) Up-time2) Latency3) Throughput4) Server software such as SQL, etc.5) $$$ -- transfer, overages, etc. What else? And is there a web site rating hosts by this criteria that is actually reliable and ...
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