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Using cloud data warehouse as back-end for website

I am building a website, where the main data source is Snowflake, a cloud data warehouse. This cannot be changed, but we can add other technologies. There is a lot of data in Snowflake, and the ...
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Caching or in-memory table in Azure for performance

I am building an Angular web application that retrieves part of its data from a Azure SQL Database table via APIs developed in Azure Functions (with Azure API Management at the API Gateway). The data ...
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Preload Lookup Values on Startup of Application, or Fetch Them As Necessary?

We have all kinds of Lookups in our application, stored in a separate table, LOOKUP_T. Should the application load them all on startup, and keep them in a global lifecycle variable -- or is it OK to ...
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How do I triage a website effectively?

I've inherited responsibilities for maintaining a section of enterprise intranet, and my manager has tasked me with, "Clean up the code, please. We're probably going to get lots of change requests ...
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How to adapt the architecture of a website and have suitable hosting along with it to meet increasing users? [closed]

Say you start a web site on shared hosting and it increases in popularity which might cause it to become unavailable as the number of accesses increases. So as a developer how do I figure out when ...
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Request data from Wikidata every time or save it in database?

I'm working on web application, which gets Wikipedia data from Wikidata (such as description, image, Wikipedia link) and shows them on the page. I see 2 ways of making this: Upload requested data ...
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2 answers

Writing business logic in view

Can writing business logic in the view(.cshtml) of an MVC application have an impact on performance (for example, Load time)? Is it the preferable way or are there any other best practices?
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1 answer

increasing website pipeline performance by replacing for loops with vector statements perturbs output

I am inexperienced with iteration in R and am hoping to speed up a process as I am implementing some analysis in a website. I realise that this may be a Q for SO but I couldn't get an answer from them....
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2 answers

Any benefits of splitting web project stylesheets?

Regarding the fact that C in CSS stands for Cascade, so generally speaking rules described in one file can modify/subsitute rules in other files, can we claim that all project css files should be ...
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PHP: is read file at every page load too heavy?

In F3 Framework Controller I wrote a function checking whether MySql data are saved in a file, otherwise loading a form to ask users for that data (similar to Wordpress Installation). This function ...
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2 answers

Static and dynamic data : should I use different databases?

Say I am building a website that uses two different types of data : Static : information that will hardly change, like movie awards or world countries names (I want fast access so no external API) ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Should I group all of my .js files into one large bundle?

One of the difficulties I'm running into with my current project is that the previous developer spaghetti'd the javascript code in lots of different files. We have modal dialogs that are reused in ...
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1 answer
2k views performance code behind vs app_code

I am wondering about performance of a web site/application when there is code in the code behind files rather than when the code is moved to separate files in the App_Code folder. My understanding ...
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2 answers

Will using multiple recordsets in one database request be more efficient?

I am redeveloping an old ecommerce website which is currently written in C# ASP.NET 2.0. Because this is a reasonably high volume website and has suffered performance issues I want to develop in the ...
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2 answers

Avoid Initial AJAX Call for Loading Data

Here is the typical sequence of events when someone navigates to a page in my application: The user navigates to my application, including URL parameters and query strings. The server receives the ...
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6 votes
4 answers

Issues to be considered while loading jQuery?

I have seen many answers in SO regarding using Google's CDN to load jQuery instead of loading it from the local server. In essence I understand this is the issue related with decreased latency, better ...
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2 answers

How to test the render speed of my solution in a web browser?

Ok, I need to test the speed of my solution in a web browser, but I have some problems, there are 2 versions of the web solution, the original one that is on server A and the "fixed" version that is ...
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1 answer

How does a website latency simulator work

Sites like webpagetest allow users to enter a website url and a test location, to run a speed test on the site from multiple locations using real browsers. Can anyone give me a basic idea of how sites ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Node.js, vs User Initiated Refresh button and Server Load Considerations

I'm dealing with a situation here on a high volume multi-tenant web app with over 100k users from companies who do not appreciate performance issues. We have a need for "real-time" updates.. we're ...
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Is there any way to test how will the site perform under load

I have made an MVC website and hosted it on a shared hosting provider. Since my website surrounds a very generic idea, it might have number of concurrent users sometime in future. So, I was ...
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My MVC is running like a dodo ! Any recommendations

Following is the Url for my website, . If you visit any category link, you will see it performing very slow. For example, if you visit
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