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A concise way of permanently sorting a bullet list on a wiki

See this link. At the moment an extension is sorting the list through a tag (using a render hook?): <sort2> * C * A * B </sort2> Outputs: A B C However, the result is temporary in ...
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Should an internal Software Documentation Wiki have private pages?

I'm working on the creation of a software and product documentation in a wiki format. It will include the documentation for all the company products. After some research, we decided to use the ...
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Request data from Wikidata every time or save it in database?

I'm working on web application, which gets Wikipedia data from Wikidata (such as description, image, Wikipedia link) and shows them on the page. I see 2 ways of making this: Upload requested data ...
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Keeping documentation / manuals up-to-date in a rapidly changing project

Background I work on a relatively large project (~570 KLOC) in a relatively small team (formerly 5 developers, now 2). Large amounts of code can appear and then vanish in months; for example, a few ...
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Wiki/markup in enterprise as documentation [closed]

Why it is less common to use wiki/markup in enterprise as documentation? They use Word document instead. Wiki/markup are in text format, which is version control friendly.
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Organisation of application development team wiki? [closed]

Looking for best-practice structure for setting up a wiki for developers? I'll be managing a team that has not had the best track record for documentation, communication and knowledge-sharing. I'd ...
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Where to put code documentation?

I am currently using two systems to write code documentation (am using C++): Documentation about methods and class members are added next to the code, using the Doxygen format. On a server Doxygen ...
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How would you create a mobile (android) offline wiki site?

My apologies in advance if this is not a good forum for this question; pointers to others happily accepted. On the off chance it matters, I'm not going to commercialize this idea or anything; if ...
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How to manage your functional documentation?

Our functional / business documentation is spread across Word files on our corporate Intranet. It's difficult to find and update information. There has to be a better way. Any ideas? We had ...
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Wiki-like tool for writing specifications and documentation [closed]

I am looking for a wiki or wiki-like system for writing and managing specification and documentation for a software project. I know there are lots of wiki-implementations available, but are there ...
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What wiki/document system do you recommend for knowledge-management? [closed]

I'm founder of a web-site called I wrote all programs by my-self at first. And we are going to run a start-up company. More people will soon get involved. Some know-how/overviews only exist in ...
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Can non-IT people handle a wiki? [closed]

My company is looking to improve their market research data management. Current data management style: "Hey Jimbo, where's that picture of our WhatZit 2.0? "yeah I remember that email about that ...
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Are wikis really appropriate to store documents for software development? [closed]

Everybody knows that well-documented software development leads to success. However, it usually means that not only plain text but also binary content will be involved in the document, such as a UML ...
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Content of Project Wiki

I've set up a small Google Code project. I feel a bit obligated to use the built-in wiki feature, but I'm unsure of what to use it for. The project is basically a C++ library for container classes. ...
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using a wiki for requirements

I'm looking into ways of improving requirements management. Currently, we have a Word document published on a Web site. Unfortunately, we cannot (to my knowledge) look at changes from one revision ...
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