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How to aid (do the testing for) a developer who doesn't own a touchpad to implement Precision bindings?

First of all, I consider myself to be a power user, but wouldn't dare to call myself a software designer. I opened a feature request to add support for Windows' Precision Touchpad binding in the ...
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how to recover from power shutdown while auto update my application

I have a Windows desktop application build in C# which auto updates itself when an update is available. It uses an MSI installer package for this. Sometimes while updating app, a PC shutdown due to ...
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Share private SSH keys with Bash on Windows

I have Windows 10 with Git installed. This Git uses my C:/Users/MyName dir as the HOME directory and the /.ssh/ dir within, appropriately for sourcing my private SSH keys. I have just enabled and ...
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Which 3D algorithms does Windows 10's "3D Builder" application use?

Windows 10 ships with "3D Builder", a Universal App that contains utility functions to prepare STL, OBJ, 3DS, and other files that represent geometries for 3D printing. The utility looks like this: ...
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Are Windows 10 app services only useful in enterprise environments?

I have been following one of the capabilities Microsoft introduced for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), namely app services. An app can now provide a service in the form of a background task that ...
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How can I target both Windows 10 UWP and Windows Phone 8.1 in the same app?

Background From a developer's viewpoint, the main selling point of Windows 10 is its new Universal* Windows Platform (UWP). * Where "Universal" really means "universal to all devices that run ...
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