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Pushing data into chunks from server to mobile client

I am developing a windows phone application. On the first screen user enters some unique code and based on that code there are say 200 or more records on the server which I want to return to the ...
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WHere do I put my update class and handle request / response from HTTP web request?

I don't know how to organize my code. Right now I just dumped everything in MainPage for testing. But what is the proper way to handle getting data from REST web service in Windows Phone 8? I have ...
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Generally speaking can a Javascript-based application (iUI) be deployed without a webserver?

Suppose I have a Javascript based application written in iUI or Kendo UI. Can it be packaged in such a way they can run locally without a webserver? I have a few web applications, that with some ...
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Is abusing Application.UnhandledException for login redirection okay?

I'm programming a windows phone 7 app which needs authentication for news-like read access. I use Application.UnhandledException to handle (my) AuthFailedException, which can be thrown from any page, ...
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Would this development environment cover the bases for iOS and Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 apps?

I'm an experienced C# developer. I've created a couple Windows Phone apps and a Windows 8 app but have wanted to develop for iOS too. What I'm thinking is adding the following equipment and software ...
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Capturing mobile device system (output) audio [closed]

I'm trying to figure out a way to capture the system audio of an Android and/or Windows Phone. The idea is to provide a stream based on the music I'm currently playing on my phone. What I'm not sure ...
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How is developing apps for Windows Phone 8 is different from Windows Phone 7.x?

What has changed with regards to the design patterns? Do both use the same development techniques? If I'm faced with the option of learning Windows Phone 7 vs Windows Phone 8 will learning windows ...
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Are all View Models supposed to be accessed through the Main View Model in MVVM?

I am currently working on a WP8 application. My current design is to have each view bind against a specific view model directly. Looking through the samples though, it seems that another way is to ...
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Windows Phone 8 development on Windows 7 - is it or will be possible? [closed]

I was trying to install Windows Phone 8 SDK on my Windows 7 machine and it hit me with the 'supported only on Windows 8' message. I actually wanted to develop Phone 7.5 apps on Visual Studio 2012, ...
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Will an app made for windows store support WindowsRT, windows8 and windows 8 mobile? [closed]

I am very much confused about these. I would like to develop app for windows 8 , Windows RT , and windows mobile. I have windows 8 OS installed in my laptop. As far as I know, Windows RT is for ARM ...
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What is the correct UI interface to learn for creating Windows phone 8 apps?

I am a veteran Delphi 6 programmer transitioning to C# development. My first project is a open source library that will have a minimal user interface since it is meant to be used as a Component ...