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WinRT is the new API for Windows development from Windows 8 onwards.

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How is one supposed to deal with the intermediate buffer of DataReader class?

Summary I am developing a WAV file format reader under WinRT, and for this I need to read random amounts of structs consisting of fundamental types such as int, uint, float and so on. Back in ...
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How to design a database schema for a multi-user To-Do application in Azure?

I want to create a windows 10 universal to-do app with offline sync capability. So I checked out this tutorial which helped me to get started on the offline functionality. But I was wondering how ...
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Why did Microsoft dropped the RESX model for RESW in Windows Store applications?

Why did Microsoft choose to change the resources management system from .NET's RESX files? RESX had useful code generation, providing developers auto-completion for resources names and outputting ...
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Using WPF rather than WinRT for Windows 8 Pro tablet app: good or bad idea?

Our business is considering writing a line of business application for tablets to enable road warriors and executives access our data. This will be primarily used for dashboards, reports and some form ...
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What capabilities of Adobe Flash are not present in the WinRT API?

As from March 2013, Microsoft allows Adobe Flash content to play by default on its immersive Internet Explorer 10: When asked ...
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Will an app made for windows store support WindowsRT, windows8 and windows 8 mobile? [closed]

I am very much confused about these. I would like to develop app for windows 8 , Windows RT , and windows mobile. I have windows 8 OS installed in my laptop. As far as I know, Windows RT is for ARM ...
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Creating a Application in Winrt that requires Internet

I am making a paid App for Windows 8, c#. I am wondering which is better? If my application doesn't need internet connection normally but does requires internet connection for the first time to ...
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What are C++/CX and C++/CLI, and how do they relate to C++ and WinRT?

I was considering taking up the challenge of learning C++ for designing Metro apps and that's when I came across C++/CX. Can Metro apps be coded in C++ 11? Do they require C++/CX to work? And what ...
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Can WinRT really be used at just the boundaries?

Microsoft (chiefly, Herb Sutter) recommends when using WinRT with C++/CX to keep WinRT at the boundaries of the application and keep the core of the application written in standard ISO C++. I've ...
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Are there any limitations to using WinRT instead of .Net? [closed]

From my understanding creating an application that runs on multiple architectures requires virtualization, and virtualization reduces performance since it creates a layer of abstraction. With Windows ...
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What is the difference between Windows 8, WinRT, and Windows RT?

I just read that there will be two versions of Windows available: Windows RT and Windows 8. Could someone please describe what the differences between Windows RT and Windows 8 are? And how these ...
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WinRT: How usable will it be?

WinRT: is it really about calling WIN32 (wrapped in COM (exposed as .NET)) via a proprietary extension of C++? That looks like a lot of wrappers and layers between the developer and the actual ...
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WinRT and the server (ASP.NET, Azure, etc)

Has Microsoft made any indication of WinRT's current or future relationship with server development (such as ASP.NET)? While it's been made clear that WinRT is the intended future of Windows UI ...
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Is the upgrade path from Win32 to .NET to WinRT feasible?

I support a VB6 application. It's currently being replaced, module by module, with .NET (including a lot of new features as we go). The GUI is in WPF, but with almost zero coupling to the business ...
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WinRT for 'desktop' apps

So I'm reading up about the differences between the old and the new APIs, and I can't find whether the new WinRT API will provide for desktop apps, so far it seems its only available to write Metro ...
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