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How to produce different versions of a software manual from the same MS Word document? [closed]

I am trying to create different versions of a software manual from a single source which is in MS Word format. Is it possible to do this algorithmically or must it be done manually for every version? ...
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How does MS word renders different fonts?

My main goal is described here. How can Microsoft Word or Wordpad or other word editing software render fonts when these fonts seems to not follow the same rules? How do they render characters ...
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Best Practices for Automating Word Documents [closed]

I recently started at a company as a Automation Developer. My job is to automate periodic reports (in Word) for all of our customers (~50), one for each. Each report is slightly different, so I am ...
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User-editable templates for reporting: alternatives to word? [closed]

Not sure if this is the right platform for this, but here goes :) Throughout my career I have been generating reports for users, and most of the times it always started from a Word template (.dot/....
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How does word size affect the amount of virtual address space available?

So, I should really know this stuff already, but I am starting to learn more about the lower levels of software development. I am currently reading Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective. by ...
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What tools can I use for professional document-creation and -printing in PHP? [closed]

I'm in the process of building a new pledge management system for one of my clients, a charity foundation. I have already built one for them (it was done using Delphi), but its feature-set is a little ...
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How to offer custom word processor like editing power from an application

I have a very complex Java application which renders spreadsheet tables and summary documents in a window. These outputs are non standard in the sense that for instance the spreadsheet table isn't ...
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Workflow: Using binary document formats in Git without locks (moving from subversion)

We're a software consultancy with a multitude of projects for different customers. We traditionally use Subversion, but are currently considering moving to Git. A significant portion of the documents ...
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Sending an email with attachment from server side

I have to create a word document in a specific format and send it as attachment to some email addresses. I have a preview screen for the report which on approval has to be send in email. This is an ...
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Open .doc file from my website in browser

What's the best way to give the end-user of my web application the ability to open, edit and save (via browser) word documents that are stored in my database? I have this working by doing an html ...
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Documentation with images - what is the most git-friendly approach? [closed]

When documenting software I traditionally write a plain text file (like a README.txt) which works well, but unfortunately cannot contain images like HTML can. Unfortunately images must be stored as ...
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Why in the world does a heap need to make sure it allocates in 8-byte alignments?

4-bytes = word; 8-bytes = 2x word Then why doesn't the heap just go with 4-byte alignment (because it will be grabbing a word at a time anyway, right?) If we went with 8-byte alignments, why not 12? ...
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