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According to Wikipedia, writing is a medium of communication that represents language through the inscription of signs and symbols.

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How to determine ideal chunk size for file writing?

I have a class that is responsible for writing formatted binary objects to a file on a network drive with a 100Mbps bandwidth. Each time an object is created (via lets call it w.addObj()) it formats ...
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How do I write, review and coach better English language in documentation?

My job regularly involves writing and reviewing (in the form of pull requests) English prose in the documentation for our internal system, which solely faces other developers, in a strongly American ...
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Who writes functional specifications and how to track what has been done in a clear and effective manner [closed]

Background: In a project where I work as a developer we did not use a functional specification at first. We relied solely on technical documentation, issues in Jira and mockups/detailed design for ...
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How do I write a message for a commit that resolves a merge conflict? [closed]

Say you commit, pull, have a conflict, resolve the conflict, and then commit. Since the local change already has a commit with a meaningful message and the remote change being pulled has its ...
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Is there an easy way to type in common math symbols?

Disclaimer: I'm sure someone is going to moan about easy-of-use, for the purpose of this question consider readability to be the only factor that matters So I found this site that converts to easting ...
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Common Methodologies for Writing "Post-Mortem" Reviews [closed]

We recently added a relatively large feature to our product that involved the entire R&D department (with all the different teams within it). This feature included UI development, server side ...
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How to present code in academic work?

Actually, I'm writing my undergrad thesis, that consists in analysing the BitTorrent algorithm and see its application on Transmission client as an example of implementation. Reading through its code,...
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What is a good rule of thumb to do technical writing that doesn't confuse people

Sometimes I'm such a nerd that not even nerds understand me, or rather, sometimes I cannot put stuff in understandable and simple-enough terms... and sometimes I can but cannot really tell until after....
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Does long term programming affect writing in a native spoken languages? [closed]

So, I am getting some years under my belt in long term programming. I have noticed, however, when the frequency and duration started increasing in my coding sessions that when I actually went to ...
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Write a directory structure (pseudo code) [closed]

I am writing a wiki article and wondering what is the proper way to write a directory scheme? I am doing something like main folder - sub folder - sub folder ... But I'm stuck after that. Any help?...
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Where can I find examples of functional specifications? [closed]

I am writing a functional specification for a software program (Mac OS X application to be exact). I want to improve this by looking at other (good) functional specifications, but I cannot find any. ...
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Run On Sentences in Technical Writing

This is just a question to think about. When you write technical documentation and programming comments, do you ever find yourself writing run-on sentences in order to be more precise? Is packing ...
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How do you write technical blogs? [closed]

I usually read a lot about programming related stuff. When the topic I read is not related to my work directly ,(say reading about some Algorithms which I don't use in everyday work), I forget them. ...
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Programming in other writing systems such as those who write right-to-left

How do programmers in countries whose writing system is, say, right-to-left write their code? Say if they were using C# compiler, do they follow the left-to-right approach or do they have a different ...
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What grammatical tense should I write my specifications in?

We are currently writing functional and technical specifications in a two column format; summary sentence and technical detail. The details often refer to an appendix with diagrams, layout designs ect....
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What is the best toolkit for writing long technical texts? [closed]

I'm looking for a toolkit in the form of one or a couple of applications that can be used to write long technical texts (such as an introduction to a programming language). What applications (or ...
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How do I write a functional specification quickly and efficiently

So I just read some fabulous articles by Joel on specs here. (Was written in 2000!!) I read all 4 parts, but I'm looking for some methodical approaches to writing my specs. I'm the only lonely dev, ...
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Do poor writers make poor programmers? [closed]

I'm reading Coders at Work by Peter Seibel, and many a time it has been mentioned that programmers who can't write generally make poor programmers - it's been claimed by Douglas Crockford, Joshua ...
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Is it unreasonable to write user documentation in the style of a technical book?

Tell me if this sounds familiar: something something something... as seen in figure 1-1 on the next page... It's in practically every book I've ever read about programming. So when I was writing ...
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How do you keep emails short but complete? [closed]

I'm the odd kind of developer that likes writing and explaining - emails, specs, you name it. I enjoy helping people understand things deeply. I hate ping-pong communications where groups go through ...
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What writing rules are different for humans and code?

It seems that some rules of writing code are in direct contradiction with the rules of human writing. For example in code it's advisable to define each piece of information in only one place and in ...
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