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How html is generated from text user enters in a wysiwyg editors?

i have made a normal text editor.Now user can enter text to that.Now how can i generate html that is text enclosed within p tag and /p tag(tag p because at this i only want normal paragraph),now ok ...
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Why do people use markdown wysiwyg editors in web applications?

I understand the advantages of using markdown in local text files, and then taking those files and generating HTML. This is great for documentation, readme's in git repositories and posts for static ...
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Approach to develop an inline editor for enumerated lists

Background Looking to develop a WYSIWYG editor for ordered lists so that people can directly edit lists of instructions on a web page. Problem The contentEditable attribute is woefully immature for ...
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WYSIWYG Editor - Inline Comments

I am working on a user driven cms site. Think of it like stack overflow. The users can write posts, and publish them to the web. I am using a WSGI editor to generate the content. One of the ...
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What is the benefit of a visual editor over straight programming?

I'm trying to figure out what the benefit to having a WYSIWYG HTML editor over hard coding, outside of, say, accessibility. It seems like a waste of time to learn how to use something like ...
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Will it ever be possible to build quality websites with editors alone, without needing to know HTML? [closed]

Lots of big companies, from Apple to Microsoft to Google, are putting more and more money into creating tools that will allow anybody to create a website with a WYSIWYG editor. For example, this ...
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How to deal with WYSIWYG editors? [closed]

There are now lots of WYSIWYG editors, however whenever we use one on a CMS-based website we consistently have issues. The biggest being users pasting content from Word or other online sources and ...
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