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XAML stand for eXtensible Application Markup Language. It was introduced in Microsoft's .NET 3.0 framework and is used heavily in WPF applications.

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Are there any true differences between XAML and XML?

When you look at products like the Razor view engine, there's a clear reason why Microsoft decided to subset another existing standard (HTML) with their own special sauce thrown in. But I cannot find ...
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How to handle "Other" option in a list of options?

This is almost everywhere. For example, I need to pick a fruit from a list of fruits from a dropdown. And the last option on that dropdown is "Other", by selecting that another text field appears to ...
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Would learning both XAML UI and XML UI be helpful in improving understanding of XML in general? [closed]

I'm familiar with HTML/CSS, and some non-UI programming using C#/node.js/Java and looking at options for building a simple mobile app. I will definitely use Xamarin, and have to choose between ...
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Get/Set Property in a Class vs IValueConverter

So i've been going through some of my old code from the time i was learning the basics of wpf and i found something intresting. I had a class in the format below public class TempClass { public ...
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Is using getters in XAML view-models a bad thing?

I've recently had an argument with a colleague about using getters (without setters) in a view-model classes used by XAML. Example: public string FullName { get { return $"{FirstName} {...
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Should my combobox for boolean values be in code-behind or in my viewmodel?

I ran into a disagreement with a coworker of mine on the implementation of representing a Boolean value in a ComboBox using Xaml and MVVM. Currently, my viewmodel is very simple. I have a bool? which ...
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How can I approach application programming from a database background? [closed]

I have a lot of database experience, but virtually no application programming experience. At work, we have an EDMX? model generated from entities in the database, and we transform T4 templates to ...
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What does "Stateful" means in Stateful ViewModel in MVVM

I was reading about some XAML patterns, and there was the Stateful ViewModel, according to what I read it has nothing different than what we as just the "ViewModel". Here's a description for example :...
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Should UserControl's be Views in an XAML MVVM application (WPF or Store app)?

I am about to use Caliburn.Micro for a new XAML Store app (not sure what to call it nowadays - does not appear to be called a "Windows Store app" any longer). The documentation (see Simple Navigation ...
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Silverlight-based "area of influence" algorithm

I am in the process of developing a tool for a game called MechWarrior: Online which defines a map of an area of space called the Inner Sphere. Essentially, this map is a set of points (planets) on a ...
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Wpf: Event driven vs MVVM design pattern

I'm a beginning coder and I've been working on a WPF app for several months now and struggled to implement anything in MVVM due to time constraits to learn so I coded my program the only way to knew ...
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WPF4 Unleashed - how does converting child elements work?

In chapter 2 of the book WPF4 Unleashed the author shows an example of how XAML processes type conversion. He states that <SolidColorBrush>White</SolidColorBrush> is equivalent to <...
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How to use data shaped by the UI from the ViewModel while keeping concerns separated?

I'm coming from a winforms background and trying to get ahold of MVVM and XAML. Right now I'm wondering how I can take advantage from a data-shaping control (either native or provided by a third party)...
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Performance consideration and code reduction for Templates

I'm trying to decide if this might be a good idea to help reduce the size of some of my xaml resource dictionaries on a large project. Except I'm concerned about any potential performance issues going ...
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xaml schedule control how to cope with items of vastly differing durations

I have to create a schedule control using WPF XAML for displaying items with duration as little as 1 seconds and potentially as large as couple of hours. First thing which seems clear is that I ...
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Why, in WPF, do we set an object to Stretch via its Alignment properties instead of Width/Height?

In WPF's XAML, we can tell an element to fill its container like this: <Button HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" VerticalAlignment="Stretch" /> Why is it that when we set an element to Stretch, we ...
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Why does the .Net world seem to embrace magic strings instead of staticly typed alternatives?

So, I work in .Net. I make open source projects in .Net. One of my biggest problems with it isn't necessariyl with .Net, but with the community and frameworks around it. It seems everywhere that ...
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Continous Delivery TFS

Is it possible to achieve Continuous Delivery using TFS e.g. Windows Service? There are > 1000 posts on how to use msdeploy with TFS for WEB projects. I am trying to understand why there are no ...
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Is a 64-bit Laptop going to be a problem for "Metro" apps? [closed]

I'm looking at a sample Windows 8 C# "Metro" style app (bingPushpin). When I 2-click MainPage.xaml, it gives me, "Design view is unavailable for x64 and ARM target platforms." My Acer Aspire laptop ...
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What are the advantages of a $ SKU of VS2012 over Express? [closed]

I will be using Visual Studio only for creating C#/XAML Windows Store apps. Is there any reason for me to purchase a "Professional" SKU of VS 2012 rather than just using the Express (free) "Metro apps ...
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Cross platform or web development with .NET

With iOS and Android soaring on mobile devices that become ever more pervasive, every other year being the 'year of Linux on the desktop' - which is somewhat snarky, but they are getting there -, OSX ...
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Advantages and disadvantages to using XAML/C# or HTML5/JavaScipt for Metro apps? [closed]

I was just wondering if there are any major advantages or disadvantages to using either XAML/C# or HTML5/JavaScript for Metro Apps.
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XAML Controls in WinForms

We're considering converting our WinForms application to a WPF application. Part of the reason is that WPF/XAML seem to be the future. We are also using third party controls that we would like to be ...
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Please explain the benefit(s) of using an XML-based syntax (e.g. XAML) instead of normal source code (e.g. WinForms)? [closed]

First off, please note that this question is not about WPF vs. WinForms. What are the highest-ranking benefits that led Microsoft to invent XAML in favour of the “old” approach of generating ...
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In hindsight, is basing XAML on XML a mistake or a good approach?

XAML is essentially a subset of XML. One of the main benefits of basing XAML on XML is said to be that it can be parsed with existing tools. And it can, to a large degree, although the (syntactically ...
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WPF more dynamic views and DataAnnotations

Comparing WPF and Asp.Net Razor/HtmlHelper I find WPF/Xaml to be somewhat lacking in creating views. With HtmlHelpers you could define in one place how you wan't to represent specific type of data ...
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What is the difference between routed events and attached events?

I am just going through the WPF concepts I came across these routed events, dependency properties and attached events. What are the concepts behind them and why are they called instead of .NET ...
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Are value converters more trouble than they're worth?

I'm working on a WPF application with views that require numerous value conversions. Initially, my philosophy (inspired in part by this lively debate on XAML Disciples) was that I should make the view ...
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Code Style for XAML

I started coding WPF applications a several months ago and now I am asking myself if there are some style guides for XAML. I do not need to get explained the benefits of Binding, Converters, Styles, ...
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Under what conditions is the use of MVVM appropriate?

Model View View-Model was developed by Microsoft to target UI development platforms which support event-driven programming, specifically Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Silverlight on the ....
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Ideal way to define a table or grid in XML?

HTML <table border="1" width="400"> <tr> <th>Month</th> <th>Savings</th> </tr> <tr> <td>January</td> <td>$100&...
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In general, which is better: Nested Grids, or Grids that include controls using Column/Row Spans?

This question has been in the back of my mind since I started with WPF and Silverlight. In general, is it better to use nested grids, or just set the Column/Row Span properties in a single Grid? ...
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