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Proving two XML schema's are functionally equivalent

I work for a standards organization that publishes an exchange standard using XSD files. These XSD files are being generated from a model with a tool, and now we want to change to a new tool. Because ...
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Handle multiple similar structured XMLs in a Java project

We have a case scenario in our project where we are provided with a set of XSDs. These XSDs we converted to Java Pojos with the help of JAXB. After this we were suppose to update few values in the ...
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C# changing XSD's problem

I am trying to implement an ISO standard which by summary has the following: There are operations (like an action in MVC) There are respective request and response per operation These requests and ...
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Storing survey data from csv to xml

I've been tasked with taking a sample of survey results that are stored in CSV and to convert them to XML. I'm still fairly new to XML, but have come up with a couple of layouts I could use and was ...
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XSD Namespaces with

Apologies if this is a repeat of an older question but I did attempt to find a similar question and didn't have any luck. I'm going through the tutorials at for writing XSDs and XMLs....
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Is it good style that calling setters follow the same order as XSD elements? [closed]

In the project I work on we use XSD to generate some classes. XSD determines the order of elements, similar to this snippet: <xs:element name="Customer_ID" type="com:Text6"/> <xs:element ...
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Tips and tricks in implementing XML or XML schema

First is I'm starting to build a standard XML format/structure for our users. The objectives are: XML that can be used for multiple organisations XML that can be used to map external system data to ...
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When to use 'nillable' in XML schemas

The absence of a datum in XML can be expressed either by omitting the element (minOccurs="0" in schema) or by setting it to xsi:nil="true" (nillable=true in schema). Using minOccurs=0 seem ...
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