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Turning complex XML (or content tree) into HTML - How to do it (in Java)?

I have a deep object content tree that I transform into a XML using JAXB and a small self written API on top. But now I want to create a static HTML site that has basically the same content (and ...
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I generated XHTML with XSLT, what are my options with HTML 5?

I have some older xsl transformations that I will modify soon. They generated XHTML code from a home-grown XML format. Since I am touching these XSL files anyway, I am wondering how I will deal with ...
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Why is XSLT so rarely used on the web? [closed]

XSLT is a mature, widely accepted standard. It can be used in browsers (even in old IE) and on the server side (nginx has an XSLT module, which can be used from programming languages, of course). Its ...
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Using xslt to convert xml to html

Going through an ASP.NET project that isn't mine and I noticed it queries the DB, converts the data to xml, then sends that to the view. In the view it calls a class that uses xslt to convert the xml ...
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Shorthand notation for XSLT?

There are a few languages, that developed shorthand notations, notably e.g. ECMAScript can be generated from coffeescript: CoffeeScript is a little language that compiles into JavaScript. ...
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Is a long XSLT file a code smell? [closed]

Is a long XSLT file a code smell? In imperative programming languages it's generally acknowledged that very large classes and/or sub-routines are an indication of possible problems, e.g. a class ...
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Transforming XML to JSON in C++ [closed]

Working with XML in C++ seems a bit of a pain and I'm looking at a way to output JSON. I've stumbled on two different approaches: A) XSLT transformations:
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5 answers

XSLT equivalent for JSON

I was interested in finding (or if necessary developing) an XSLT equivalent for JSON. As I have not found any, I was considering the possible query language to use for matching JSON paths so as to ...
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11 votes
3 answers

What is a good design pattern for generating an Excel (xlsx) file in code?

See my Update at the bottom for more. I occasionally have projects where I have to output some data as an Excel file (xlsx format). The process is usually: User clicks some buttons in my ...
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Create ASP.NET input forms from XSD?

I have several types of XML document. The format of (i.e. the elements in) each document type is defined in an XSD. Is there a convenient way to create HTML elements (or ASP.NET controls) on an ASP....
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5 answers

XSLT and possible alternatives [closed]

I had a look at XSLT for transforming one XML file into another one (HTML, etc.). Now while I see that there are benefits to XSLT (being a standardized and used tool) I am reluctant for a couple of ...
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Mapping variable inputs to user interface elements

Background Developing a system for creating eBooks. The data is highly normalized. The eBook designs are packaged as "themes." The themes can be configured with options for: fonts, colours, some ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Code execution time out occasionally

I am working on an e-commerce website. There is a case where I need to fetch the whole data in database through a third-party API and send it to an indexing engine. This third-party API has many ...
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4 answers

Is XML, HTML/CSS, XSL analogous to Model, View, Controller?

For some time in personal projects I have been using XSL to convert my raw XML data into human-friendly HTML/CSS (in simple projects, I have no JavaScript, so let's leave that out of the equation for ...
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Alternative to XML / XSLT for artifact generation?

The scenario: A system needs to produce a variety of artifacts to present to end-users during the normal course of business. Examples of these artifacts would be permits, invoices, or receipts -- ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Using XSLT for messaging instead of marshalling/unmarshalling Java message objects

So far I have been using either handmade or generated (e.g. JAXB) Java objects as 'carriers' for messages in message processing software such as protocol converters. This often leads to tedious ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Is there an effective way to test XSL transforms/BizTalk maps?

Creating repeatable tests for BizTalk maps is frustrating. I can't find a way to handle testing them like I'd do unit testing, because I can't find ways to break them into logical chunks. They tend to ...
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Are XML Schemas bad for constantly evolving file formats?

I'm struggling with a client-server project where I have Java apps out on the Internet that store data to a backend server. The format of this data is well-defined, but the project is constantly ...
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Is using xml + xsl to create a weekly html email a good or bad idea?

The guy who is in charge of our html emails is leaving and I have been asked to take over. We are an online retailer and send out an email once a week. An email will consist of a main image, a bit of ...
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3 answers

Why do XSLT editors insert tab or space characters into XSLT to format it? [closed]

All XSLT editors I've tried till now add tab or space characters to the XSLT to indent it for formatting. This is done even in places within the XSLT where these characters are significant to the XSLT ...
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Is Razor or XSLT better for my project? [closed]

I'm in the early stages in the design of a system that will essentially be split into two parts. One part is a service and the other is an interface with the service providing data through something ...
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32 votes
9 answers

Are there any good reasons to use, learn, or recommend XSLT? [closed]

I am a developer for the last 8 years. We used XSLT primarily to transform XML into HTML. We also used it for XML to XML transformation. But we have replacement for everything now. HTML can be ...
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