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YAML is a human-readable data serialization format.

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How to represent a (key,value) tree structure in YAML?

I would like to represent tree structures in YAML. Each node of the tree is composed of a (key,value) pair. The key must be a string. A structure like this would be perfect: node1: child_A: ...
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Azure Pipeline variable groups vs. YAML templates

I am writing an Azure Pipeline framework in YAML which will be used on multiple projects, each with its own environment variables. I am now wondering whether the best option is to define these ...
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Is it wrong to parse YAML `true` as a string?

Given these lines of YAML: version: 1.00 y: 1 What does this represent? According to the YAML spec (I'm not a delicate enough to read the spec like a lawyer), does this necessarily represent that a ...
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Autogeneration cloudformation. Good or bad

at my company we are using AWS Cloudformation to manage our infrastructure. The templates are written in JSON. The problem is that the templates are getting bigger by the day 5k Lines. Company policy ...
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Best practices in storing chunks of external code

I am building a wrapper to a load-testing tool that will take configuration and scenario files as yaml and build a large, unwieldy xml file which will be destroyed when it is no longer needed. A ...
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What are technologies like XML, JSON, and YAML classified under? [closed]

What are technologies like XML, JSON, and YAML classified as? I already looked at Query Language Data-structured Language But neither appeared accurate... None of them are really meant for ...
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2 answers

YAML: translating free-flowing text from XML

I'm studying YAML as a replacement for XML, but I'm experiencing difficulties when dealing with elements containing free-flowing text with embedded elements. For instance, the following XML document: ...
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