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The problem with measurements, no matter how well intended they are, is the very act of measuring the item makes it important, and the corollary, the act of not measuring an item makes it unimportant. It is absolutely essential to measure what is important, and not measure what is unimportant.

Measuring SLOC (Which is effectively what your reviews are doing), makes SLOC important.... Is SLOC important? - absolutely not, never has been (Outside Obfuscated programming contests), never will be in a commercial organization.

Ask yourself one simple question - how does "Reduce the SLOC of this routine" make anyones code better. What is probably happening in this case is SLOC is being used as a naive way to measure complexity. What you must avoid at all costs is counting the easy to count beans - objective measures such as SLOC, instead of counting the important, but hard to count ones - e.g. Readability, complexity etc.