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Code with as few lines as possible is definitely the best code and every semi-colon you see is basically the developer admitting they weren't clever enough to use advanced constructions like the comma operator or short-circuiting operators to keep the line going as long as possible like you can say `(x++ && false) || y += 2` instead of `x++; y += 2` and the first variant is just so much more concise and clearer as you can tell because it contains no semi-colons honestly I almost threw up writing the second one I mean who wants to use a character whose name contains a word related to your butt that's just dumb and anyways semi-colons introduce lots of vulnerabilities like what if you typed `while(true) ;` that would just keep running forever and so its clearly better to have no semi-colons to avoid problems like that overall I'd say programmer salaries should be inversely proportional to the number of newlines and semi-colons in their code because everyone knows as soon as you start using a metric like that it starts working even better than before you incentivized it