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Use both GIT & SVN repos

If the binary files can be separated logically from the source, you might consider using git for text files, and a non DVCS such as subversion for the binary files.

A project I work on does this since we have many GB for per-compiled libraries (for OSX/Win32 dependencies), which we need to keep versioned.

On the other hand if you have non-technical users, using two version control systems may be problematic. However if the artists aren't working on code you could provide a script to perform the update, and they can use subversion to commit binary assets.

Use SVN (with git svn)

While this trade-off isn't always so nice for developers who are used to using regular git, you could use SVN for the main repository, and developers can use git svn tools.

This does make it a little more work for developers using git, but means for everyone who isn't familiar with DVCS (or VCS in general) - they can use SVN's simple model without having to use multiple complex version control systems.

git-lfs is an option too, but I didn't use it so can't speak to how well it works.