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Is there any copyleft (GPL-like) license with both the Affero and Lesser modifications?

Looking for a license that covers public network service, like AGPLv3, but like LGPL isn't infectious.

Basically I wrote some useful helper functions I want to allow to be used in any work, including closed-source software, but I want to require improvements to MY CODE to be released back to me and the general public.

Can you recommend a suitable license?

It should also include some of the other AGPL-permitted restrictions (attribution, indemnity), either in the license text or as permitted variations.

EDIT: I should clarify that this software consists only of header files (it is rather template-heavy). So the LGPL obligations of users would be attribution and an offer to provide a copy of the (possibly modified) header file(s) used, per section 3. LGPL section 4 requirements to be enable the user to relink don't appear to apply to header files.