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Here you go... http://xp.c2.com/ExtremeProgrammingForOne.html

XP scales down nicely since it is optimal for small focussed teams..

  • You can create a spreadsheet of feature requests, prioritize them & pick the top-most one.
  • define the acceptance criteria (what done looks like) and code it up into a executable test
  • Next define engineering tasks to get to done
  • Write unit tests, do the simplest thing (YAGNI) and refactor all the time. The goal is to make the outer acceptance test pass
  • Timebox each session. For effective time-management, you could also look at the Pomodoro technique.
  • Use version control & Setup a CI server / a batch file to create a install or zip of your software
  • Demo frequently. Route the feedback into the original spreadsheet and reprioritize

The only thing that you couldn't do in a team of one is PairProgramming.