Use both GIT & SVN repos

If the binary files can be separated logically from the source, you might consider using git for text files, and a non DVCS such as subversion for the binary files.

A project I work on does this since we have many GB for per-compiled libraries (for OSX/Win32 dependencies), which we need to keep versioned.


On the other hand if you have non-technical users, using two version control systems may be problematic.
However if the artists aren't working on code you could provide a script to perform the update, and they can use subversion to commit binary assets.

Use SVN (with `git svn`)

While this trade-off isn't always so nice for developers who are used to using regular git,
you could use SVN for the main repository, and developers can use `git svn` tools.

This does make it a little more work for developers using git, but means for everyone who isn't familiar with DVCS (or VCS in general) - they can use SVN's simple model without having to use *multiple* complex version control systems.


*git-lfs is an option too, but I didn't use it so can't speak to how well it works.*