There are over 100,000 questions on Stack Overflow tagged as questions relating to JQuery troubleshooting/usage.  Compare this to the 124,000 questions on stack overflow that are tagged for JavaScript issues.  We are very close to almost half of all JavaScript related questions on Stack Overflow being attributed to JQuery (plus or minus any margin for the few other JS frameworks that get questions on SO).

What I'm getting at is, jQuery is not a language and it is not the be all and end all of frameworks that must be applied to every scenario in which JavaScript is present, yet it is quickly catching (and I predict will soon eclipse) JavaScript as a source of discussion/inquiry on sites like Stack Overflow.

Is jQuery killing the JavaScript star?  Is there no longer a firm grasp by the next generation of web developers regarding the power, simplicity and use of JavaScript as a means for DOM manipulation?  Is this just the natural evolution of things and the viewpoint I'm presenting typical of the coder's ego (i.e., is this how assembly programmers view the .NET/Java/Web crowd?) or is this really the beginning of the end of the true JavaScript developer?