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2 votes
2 answers

How do I find a qualified web designer in my area? [closed]

I just sent out emails to five local web design companies to my area asking to take drawings to HTML/CSS/jQuery. None of the ones who accepted the deal seem suitable to myself. Others rejected the off …
  • 3,458
5 votes
5 answers

What would you think of a job based on mostly doing the proof of concept? [closed]

I'm working as a developer in a small software company whose main job is interfacing between separate applications, like between a telephony system and an environment control system, between IP TVs an …
  • 757
1 vote
2 answers

How do you regularly take advantage of VS2010's multi monitor support? [closed]

Although I like VS2010's multi monitor support, I seem to have too many accidental window drags, where I unsnap a window without intending to. This behavior has made me still live in the mental model …
9 votes
1 answer

Micro finance in the programming industry [closed]

I've read quite a bit about the positive effects of micro finance in developing countries. Organizations exist that solicit capital from donations and then make micro loans to people for the purpose o …
  • 18.7k
-1 votes
7 answers

What percent of your college course work is unit-tested code? [closed]

As a college student do you write unit-test for the project code you write? Do you know how to properly use TDD? Have you been taught to use testing frameworks (jUnit for example)? I've just recent …
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0 votes
3 answers

As a programmer, what paths should I take concerning education? [closed]

After a burst of ranting about homework, the applicability of the classes I'm taking, and my computer science teacher, I have some questions concerning education for my career path as a developer. I …
  • 825
7 votes
4 answers

What are some good examples of using pass by name? [closed]

When I write programs I using pass by value or pass by reference always seem to be logical methods. When learning about different programming languages I came across pass by name. Pass by name is a p …
  • 221
13 votes
5 answers

Which languages are used today for low-level programming? [closed]

When I hear low-level programming, such as for drivers, embedded systems, operating systems, etc., I immediately think about C and perhaps C++. But mainly C. But what other languages are also used fo …
  • 17.1k
8 votes
5 answers

Do you have any team guidelines regarding exceptions? [closed]

My team recently inherited a project from a team where the amount of developers dropped so low they had to offload some work. One of the projects we inherited was a project littered with nested code, …
  • 546
11 votes
7 answers

Looking for jobs after a project ending badly [closed]

My company just canceled the project I was working on because they were dissatisfied with how it was going. I was quite disappointed with it because I thought the project was going well and I had alre …
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8 votes
1 answer

What benefits do I get from learning Scheme? [closed]

I'm a java programmer and I've decided to learn a bit about theoretical computer science. I don't have a degree in that and a little background would help me a lot since I don't know anything other th …
4 votes
3 answers

How To Teach Independence [closed]

In my IB Computer Science class I am routinely asked by... pretty much everyone how to do X or implement Y. I'm the only person with any significant programming experience in the class and I do not ne …
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5 votes
3 answers

In a multidisciplinary team, how much should each member's skills overlap? [closed]

I've been working in embedded software development for this small startup and our team is pretty small: about 3-4 people. We're responsible for all engineering which involves an RF device controlled b …
  • 153
6 votes
6 answers

Should I be put off a junior role that uses an online development test? [closed]

I've applied for a junior development role, or rather been found by a recruiter looking for a developer. In order to get to a telephone interview stage I've been asked to sit one of those online codin …
user avatar
4 votes
5 answers

Representation of a question mark in variable names [closed]

I once in my childhood read a SF story in which it was assumed that the capital letter 'P' would be a good representation for a question mark, if you cannot use that character directly, eg. in variabl …
  • 159

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