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A single transaction represent a single consistent operation within your system. Where you initiate a transaction depends solely on your business needs. A typical scenario is bank transfer, where … you MUST ensure that funds have been withdrawn from account A and credited to account B. In this case, before doing any database operation the withdrawal/credit would be wrapped in a transaction to make …
answered Aug 1 '17 by Andy
ATMs and/or card terminals don't verify your balance and process the transaction against the master in real time. With the amount of transactions, that would flood the system. The owners of banks know … that, the majority of requests to withdraw money from ATM or to issue a card transaction are going to succeed. Because of this, when you do actually want to withdraw money from ATM, the machine pings …
answered Sep 13 '18 by Andy
or a really complex financial transaction) a single working unit. You wrap the whole business transaction in a database transaction and either process it completely or not at all. In your case a whole … transaction may be processing the entire batch of 100s of changes on data, but it may as well just be processing a part of it. You alone need to decide what the unit of work actually is. You haven't …
answered Aug 26 '16 by Andy