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Android is Google's open source OS and system for smart phones and tablets. Use this tag for software engineering questions about Android; for user questions, visit our sister site Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange.

test on 1 or 2 real devices and a couple more AVDs you're good-to-go to deploy it on the Android Market. If your app crashes you (can) get a crash report from the user, which will give you more insight on a per device installation in the real world. Good luck! Johan …
answered Apr 18 '11 by Johan Pelgrim
also have an 'advanced package' for unlimited sending. Don't know the price ( If you're only targeting Android I would go for Google's Cloud to Device Messaging … use push notifications. An Android alternatives might be The Deacon Project. It is Open Source, still in beta (last code drop is from 2010. Don't know if it is actively being developed any longer) but it supports older versions of Android Good luck with the implementation! …
answered Jun 23 '11 by Johan Pelgrim
Short answers developer fee - You don't have to pay a fee to develop Android apps on the emulator (like iOS) or on the device (unlike iOS) you only have to pay a one time fee of $25,- to publish … your app on the Android Market. provisioning devices - You don't have to go through any process. Just connect your device to your laptop, or whatever and you can test on the device (what you need to do …
answered Aug 6 '11 by Johan Pelgrim