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Questions about problem solving and planning for a solution through software design.

We have a similar Groups set up with our client. Only instead of IP ranges, our system connects with the client's active directory to grant users access to the application. We then have a Users & Grou …
answered Aug 4 '11 by Tyanna
I personally wouldn't put it in the design document. A design document should outline how it is, not why it is. If you feel there is a good need for a back story as to why the design is the way it … is, perhaps you should put that in a wiki article (or whatever knowledge base your company uses) so that there can be a history of the evolution of the design. People can go and read it, edit it, and add suggestions. That way it's more of a open discussion instead of a brow beating in a document. …
answered Sep 8 '11 by Tyanna
If you can't get something out of them, write something up and get it approved. It is a lot easier for non-technical people say 'no, I don't like that' than 'this is how you should do it.' Often time …
answered Apr 13 '11 by Tyanna
screens you're building I don't know if this would really work for you. The second cop-out answer would be to hire a UI expert to help you design these pages. Having worked with a UI specialist in the …
answered Feb 9 '11 by Tyanna
Personally, I do #2. I don't say something is done unless I know it will pass testing. Yes, the causes me to take longer and I often go over on my allotted times on tickets. When I close a ticket, i …
answered Aug 10 '11 by Tyanna
more sites you do. Now, if you want to put some real effort into it, there are a few books you can pick up that will help you with UI design and layout: Don't Make Me Think (as has been mentioned by …
answered May 26 '11 by Tyanna
. Design and implement your new DAL. Look at the pages and the code and detangle it so you have a separate Business layer calling that DAL. Focus on like pages at a time. Release as they are cleaned up …
answered Feb 5 '13 by Tyanna