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Verifying the behavior of a software system against the expected behavior of that system.

The way I see it is that it's not QA's job to test my code. The tester's job is to make sure my code fulfills all the requirements for that task. When I pass something to QA, I make sure they know t …
answered Sep 18 '10 by Tyanna
There are a few good reasons to have a dedicated testing team. First, as mentioned above, developers are very good at testing that their code works, but not a breaking it. Also, as you say, a … developer knows what they wrote, but a testing teams knows what should have been written. At times, these two concepts don't match up. One of the jobs of the testing team is to make sure that the software …
answered Aug 23 '11 by Tyanna
suite to see if anything breaks. Instead of having to go through every page yourself, you can have a computer do it for you and give you a list of all the tests that broke. Load testing! You can simulate … late night call that the site has crashed. Functional testing takes time to do manually. Yes, it takes long to write the cases, but if you had to sit down with a binder with 500 pages of tests that you …
answered Feb 5 '13 by Tyanna
cases produced. Percentage of total application covered in functional testing. Number of bugs found in staging vs production. In the end, your QA team's job is to find the bugs before they get out in …
answered Feb 8 '13 by Tyanna
When my team implemented automated UI testing a lot of great things happened. First, the QA team became much more efficient at testing the application as well as more proficient with the … design meetings. This in turn allowed them to be writing the new test suite cases at the same time as the Devs were coding those new features. Also, the stress testing that the test suite we used was …
answered Jul 12 '11 by Tyanna