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Questions about problem solving and planning for a solution through software design.

1 vote
0 answers

Applying an overloaded/templated function depending on the type of a QVariant

I'm trying to take a QVariant (in this case from a QProperty generated on a class) and based on the type, return a QWidget that allows for it to be edited appropriately. a signature for the conversi …
  • 1,232
4 votes

Is it reasonable for an interface to specify that its implementations should be immutable?

It is certainly reasonable for interfaces to specify that implementations don't do "a thing". This pattern can be seen in C, C++, and Fortran a lot. You will often see things called a precondition(bef …
  • 1,232
6 votes
4 answers

Is this using macros to define classes that fit a pattern in C++ a sound idea?

I've got a set of classes that all inherit from a base class that are responsible for different functions (sort of like a group of "operators") They all work on the same input and output the same out …
  • 1,232
2 votes
0 answers

Code quality balancing with need to perform scientific analysis on your own software

We have a project that is meant to do signal processing. If all we had to do with the software was that one job, we would have a pretty clean architecture. Unfortunately, we've run into an issue most …
  • 1,232