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GitHub is a web-based hosting service for projects that use the open-source Git revision control system.

2 votes

Is it possible to disable all pull request merges into a particular branch while a build is ...

If you want to push a commit as part of the build process, my recommendation would be to do it in a separate branch. Maybe call it release or builds or something. Then just limiting to one concurrent …
2 votes

How to robustly identify obsolete Git branches

You're way overthinking this. In git, all branches from all repos are created equal. It's completely safe to delete any branch that has been merged into another branch. If someone has additional co …
3 votes

Creating an alternative spin-off repo, being able to fetch updates from main repo (aka forki...

I then thought "Fancy House" could simply be an eternal branch, but on multiple occasions people have advised against that Your other solutions are essentially just maintaining an eternal branch …
14 votes

Why is having merge bubbles in your git history not actually that bad?

First of all, as you already pointed out, they require less work. In my opinion, the burden is on the process that requires more work—in this case the rebase process—to prove its superior utility. T …
7 votes

How should my team distribute checking pull requests?

A team of 10 is approaching the large side for an agile team, but you can still keep the pull requests manageable if you make a rule that people can merge after two thumbs ups. That means for every p …
58 votes

Why learn git when there are GUI apps for GitHub?

Most of the CLI-only features only come into play when you accidentally get your repository into a weird state and want to fix it. On the other hand, the most common way to get your repo into a weird …
2 votes

What could be the use of forking a repository in a github's organization?

The main benefit of github forking is allowing a gatekeeper workflow, where untrusted people can work on a feature and a trusted gatekeeper pulls it in after a review. …
2 votes

GitHub pull request without forking

It doesn't matter when you create the fork because of the distributed nature of git, but github needs a fork in order to make the association necessary to create a pull request, and it also lets people …
79 votes

Why do people fork repositories on GitHub?

If you look at GitHub Help or other GitHub tutorials, forking a repo is one of the major steps for how you "do" GitHub. … When people are learning and evaluating GitHub, just about every tutorial out there is going to tell them to fork a repo as part of that learning process. …
2 votes

Git branching model that support small changes and downstream dependencies

First, this sort of workflow is a lot easier with merges than rebases. The more non-linear your actual development is, the more conflicts you're going to have trying to make the history look linear. Y …
8 votes

As a sole developer (for now), how should I be using Git?

I'm well-versed in several sophisticated branching models, and use some at work. However, when I work alone on projects, I do pretty much exactly what you're doing now. I can always create a branch …
7 votes

Should I use git stash to save ongoing changes of my project and push it to github to access...

Stashes are intended for local use, as a temporary place to put things while you mess around with branches. If you're the only one working on a branch, there's no problem with committing broken code. …
2 votes

When should we clean up old, no longer used GIT branches?

If it's merged into master, then deleting the branch won't delete the history. You can always recreate the branch again later from the last commit before the merge.
1 vote

From TFS to Git

What do you mean, "the" git gui? There are a gazillion of them, including a plugin for visual studio integration, if I remember correctly. If one GUI doesn't work for you, try some more until you fi …
2 votes

is there a way to know the type of web based version control application from a git url?

For your use case, you can check if that has an entry for issues_url, then check if that endpoint responds in a github-like way, then you know it's a github server. …

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