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For questions relating to cryptography and IT security. This can be computer, network, or database security.

, including ActiveX controls, Java applets, Adobe AIR or Adobe Flash apps. Unfortunately, all of these come either their own security issues or are platform specific. You could write browser plug-ins but these … are also browser and sometimes platform specific. This data is sensitive and must be secure How secure is it? Convenience or functionality usually trumps security so you will likely have to …
answered Oct 21 '14 by akton
Software or system security hugely depends on the type of system being designed, the data it stores and the regulatory/contractual environment it is used in. Most organizations often cannot … articulate the level of security required in the systems they produce, either. Personally, I think about security on three levels. First is the highest level: the business level where management decides the …
answered Nov 26 '14 by akton
As with all security, you need to consider two things: (1) threats and (2) cost-benefit. For example, storing an encrypted password in a config file using symmetric cryptography relies on the file's … Platform Module (TPM) or Hardware Security Module (HSM) but these are topics unto themselves and are likely to be too expensive and complex for most cases. A better solution may be to trust a third …
answered Apr 19 '14 by akton
Should I spend time preventing piracy of my app? You are asking the wrong question. Technical safeguards such as proguard are a must but are trying to solve the problem the hard way. The first q …
answered Jan 4 '15 by akton