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Verifying the behavior of a software system against the expected behavior of that system.

the testing in the world may not have caught this before going to production. What you are suggesting sounds much like a common health check page. Cons: Many developers may feel that it is a … -shooting immensely. Support staff can often diagnose issues before getting development team involved. Allows preliminary validation to be completed before production smoke testing is even started …
answered Aug 8 '12 by Lyndon Vrooman
The most effective - Change the date of the machine that you are testing on. Set it for a little before when it needs to run, and verify when it kicks off and that it runs correctly. This is not …
answered Jul 6 '11 by Lyndon Vrooman
testing performed, you could always try one of the many testing forums on linkedin or even see if someone like Weekend Testers would be willing to take a look at it. Although many testers may spend … their day testing, they're often willing to take a look at something off the clock just for curiousity or practice. Even many programmers forums would have people willing to test it. One thing …
answered Jul 3 '11 by Lyndon Vrooman
I've found that session based testing and test automation really do shine in these kinds of cases. I'll normally start off with some high level scenarios that the stakeholders find important. From … into your test plan, put the session charters and test automation into it instead. Remember, it is a living document, and will change and evolve as testing continues. At the same time however, your …
answered Mar 14 '13 by Lyndon Vrooman
automate, start with that. Always start with the checks that gain the most through automation, and work from there. So far the main benefit we can see is for regression testing, especially …
answered Jul 12 '11 by Lyndon Vrooman